IMPERFECT MAMA {update} –>> OPTIONS for my 21 Day Fix Challenge Group –>> HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW….


We are entering PRE-SEASON PREP TIME for an all new Round of 21 Day Fix and let me tell ya…


😇😈 this Mama is DEFINITELY ‪#‎NOT‬ ‪#‎perfect‬, so I’m always learning, striving to better myself in the nutrition department, to

keep eating
tasty. Gotta enjoy eating it.
fun. Not boring
free. (as in free to live life)
good. for me &my fam
simple. / NOT overly complicated
solid. (as in a solid foundation for health/strength/fitness ‪#‎success‬.

you’re totally invited to do this 21 day fix with me and some awesome people getting real results with this proven professionally developed program that has everything you need

30 minute workouts so you get in get out and on with your life – ‪#‎modifier‬included for every workout!

Fool-proof, simple ‪#‎eating‬ guide with ‪#‎recipes‬ and sample ‪#‎mealplans‬

Proven ‪#‎portioncontrol‬ to get real results, teach your body how much to eat to ‪#‎thrive‬ healthfully and make ‪#‎clean‬(er) eating easier but still allows for ‪chocolate!

30 superfood dense nutrition meal replacement shakes to deliver vital nutrients, antioxidants, adaptogens, ‪#‎YOUNAMEIT‬ the incredibly good stuff from God’s ‪#‎green‬‪#‎Earth‬ and around the ‪#‎world‬ to help your body‪#‎perform‬ better, ‪#‎heal‬, lose ‪#‎weight‬, and feel more ‪#‎energetic‬ every day you ‪#‎drink‬ it – for longterm, lasting ‪#‎health‬.

Trust me – you want to start here. If you’ve fallen off the wagon, you want to pick up this ticket and get back on that healthier, stronger you ‪#‎train‬and get ready to ‪#‎rock‬ this summer as a more ‪#‎confident‬‪#‎happy‬‪#‎satisfied‬‪#‎you‬.

This isn’t about competition or keeping up with the Jones’s. This is about creating a healthier stronger YOU that makes you proud… from the inside, out.

SHARE this and message me (ask me for the video to see what the workouts looks like) or go here to get it NOW – no more waiting… you’re on your way!

I’m not perfect – heck ….WHO IS?! but this is THE program I stand by for not just dropping the weight ( which you will) not just getting stronger, more confident in your skin, beach ready, burn fat, increase endurance, keep up with your kids and busy life better, eating cleaner, living freer, … But for being empowered in your choices with food for a lifetime of benefits.

‪#‎letsdothis‬. I’ll be your coach – a passionate, imperfect, #‪#‎momof3‬ who dropped 30+lbs doing this bb stuff and WANTS you to feel the same awesomeness.

*****  I LOVE YOU GUYS – every one of you.  But I gotta be your coach.  I want to share everything with everyone, but I also need to honor my challengers who have fully invested in me and in the program.
Besides, I don’t want to be dishonorable to your coach.  If you already have a coach, please ask them if they have a support group ideal for you. Feel free to private message me for more about this “how to make me your coach” stuff.   If you don’t have one, ask me how to make me yours ;-). or go here.



First, you are committed to replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the 21 Day Fix.  Yes, I know that some people don’t want to do a meal replacement, they are afraid they won’t like it, that it won’t taste good, that it won’t “work,” that they’re wasting they’re time and money, that it’s too expensive or they don’t want to have to drink it forever to keep the weight off!  Well, the good news is this!  It is not JUST a protein shake!!  It is a meal replacement with the proper carb to protein ratio to keep you full for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, the adaptogens, phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, probiotics and superfoods to give you natural energy, to curb cravings for sweets, and to keep you healthy!

If you are like me, you do your best at eating healthy, you’d love to be the perfect meal prep mommy every weekend with a meal plan and labelled Monday-Friday meals stacked in the fridge – HA!!  So, let’s be honest with ourselves …. it just doesn’t always happen that way.  We don’t always “live” on that level.  We get busy, run late, hit snooze on the alarm and just plain procrastinate, the kids don’t always cooperate with our best laid out plans, and we are finding ourselves running out the door without breakfast or cruising right through lunch without a bite. Instead of grabbing “just” coffee for breakfast or rolling through the the fast food drive thru (again), we commit to Shakeology!  Grab a shaker cup with water or almond milk and BAM!!  Make it taste like a creamy milkshake with ice in a blender or just shake and GO!So, for 21 days, we skipthe not so wholesome foods that weigh us down and keep us from reaching our belly, thigh, booty, and overall weight and health goals.  Not to mention the “I want to rock that dress this summer” goals.  It’s nutrition in a glass and its convenient!!!  So, trust me on this!

Give me 21 days (just 3 weeks) of Shakeology (with the option to continue another 21 days), and I will teach you how to plan out your meals, how to make better choices and at the end of the group you will be armed with all the tools to make healthy decisions and you can decide to continue or not at that time…. Can we agree on that??  🙂  OH!  and….

(Did I mention there is a BOTTOM of the bag guarantee on the Shakeology through Beachbody, too??).  PLUS they give you 30 days free access to the TBB CLUB MEMBERSHIP which now includes BB ON DEMAND workouts (should you like to test drive a different program when we are done – and even keep the club membership after the free trial if you wish) as well as an online meal planner 😉  How cool!  But seriously… without Shakeology you’re only getting a PORTION of the benefit of this program, NOT THE WHOLE SHEBANG.  If you’re really ready for a change, I highly recommend going all in. It’s risk free.  You have nothing to lose (but weight and inches) and you never know – it may just CHANGE YOUR LIFE (like it has mine).

Second,When you sign up for my challenge group I don’t just throw you a bag of Shakeology and fitness DVDs and leave you stranded!  I run private online facebook groups in which no one but the members of the group can see what is being posted. Then, I have an entire week before we start and I call it “Pre-Season” and this is where we plan and prep.  I help you write goals, we do pics and measurements, we talk about meal planning in depth and I guide you in the right direction to be ready for day 1!   Each day you log in to our facebook group, read the daily post (sometimes video), share with us your accountability post (different for each day) and you stay focused on your journey!  There will be ups and downs, days you want to quit, or days that you feel like the progress isn’t happening fast enough. That is why I am here – and the team of coaches with me!   We will help you stay focused and accountable so this program doesn’t become something else you buy, have good intentions and then life get in the way and never finish!  This time it’s different!

I offer a couple of options for this group:
1. The 21 Day Fix
This is the program for those who are ready to JUMP in to clean eating and workouts from DAY ONE!  You’ll receive 21 Day Fix ORIGINAL PROGRAM for simple portion control nutrition and containers, straightforward workouts, and your first month of Shakeology!  What are all these containers exactly? Check this out! 

2.  The 21 Day Fix EXTREME : 
If you’ve already completed 21 Day Fix original, OR an extreme program like P90X3, Insanity, etc… and you’re READY to bust through a plateau or take your fitness to another level… this is the package for you.  All-new workouts, all-new eating guide, a new set of containers and Shakeology included.  AND a new extreme meal plan PLUS an optional Countdown to Competition meal plan.  What’s that?  Check it out here.

For 21 Days you commit to working out and focusing on the meal plans while participating in our online, closed accountability groups.  I provide the coaching FREE, meal plans, favorite recipes, motivation, private personal phone chats (if interested), and a little bit of spunky imperfection to keep things real and FUN!

This group is for those who are READY to start learning how to make healthier eating and working out a part of your life for good!  Just a bonus that it totally also agrees with the family meals, too – trust me!  I’ve done it!  Because guess what….??

This isn’t a diet. 
This is about creating a lifestyle that takes out the whole idea of “diet” out of our thinking and doing.

What we are doing is putting proven, simple methods in place for knowing what to eat, how much to eat, and how to make it an everyday habit for a lifetime without so much headache.
Reserve your spot here:

Complete the application below to be considered for this group! (Once you’ve filled it out, invite a friend to commit with you)!

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