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CHRISTINE DWYER PRESENTS “What is Beachbody Coaching”
Find out how Beachbody Coaching can really help you get fit, lose weight, inspire others, and make money!
Becoming a Beachbody coach isn’t about pushing products. If you focus on sales, you wont’ actually build a successful business.  This opportunity is perfect for those who want to start their own business in fitness without the risk and responsibility of a start up.


MEET CARL DAIKELER, CEO AND FOUNDER OF BEACHBODY explain the company mission and the purpose of a Beachbody Coach as an entrepreneurial opportunity.

Superstar Diamond, 2X Millionaire, 5X Elite MINDY LAWHORNE and Diamond Coach, wife of pastor, Tammy Morgan.

How Beachbody coaching has impacted their lives and allowed them to use it as a ministry to reach and touch the lives of more people, as well as become more financially successful and secure in life.  They also answer common questions about “What is Coaching?”, including why they fell in love with coaching and helping people, how to sign up, who can be successful at it, the different types of coaches, the versatility and independence of owning your own business, the personal benefits and incentives, believing in the product, contributing to their family’s income & security, as well as their own personal experiences of success – even as busy moms.

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