This Summer, Do Something Different. {{ The 5 Day SNEAK PEEK + FitBiz Bootcamp }}

sneak peek may 18-22 2015
You’re Invited! I get so many questions about what I do as a coach.
How do I earn commissions? 
Do I have to sell LIKE a ton of stuff or keep products on hand?
What’s the cost?
Are there “REAL” success stories?
Is there training available?  Can I be mentored?
How can I build residual income?!?!
Seriously… when do I have time!?!?
What if I’m not at my “goal” weight yet?
How will I ever market myself?
Can I really make good money?! 


All of these are some of the most common questions that I get on a regular basis! I get it. I really do. These were some of the same questions that I had when I started, and as the scope of this company and the heart of the people in this business are revealed to me, …………………..

I  realize how absolutely silly it is to NOT receive this opportunity!   
MONDAY, MAY 18TH Our team is hosting a ZERO obligation 5 DAY SNEAK PEEK about Coaching.  The Sneak Peek will be privately available to you on Facebook (how convenient is that)?! You simply log in each day (whenever is convenient), click on a video, and listen in!

There’ll be an opportunity to ask questions or simply just collect information!If you would like to check out the information, simply LEAVE your email below or email me at and I will send you the link to the free sneak peek!


(You can also send me a private message!)

**This sneak peek is for people who are not Team Beachbody Coaches**

PLUS!!  If you really think you might be interested – and have been WAITING for opportunity to join one of my challenges or get started on your personal summer health & fitness goals ANYWAY – AND you just like saving some money at the word go – this will be worth considering:wpid-fb_img_1425954708043.jpgI’m offering you a SUPER CRAZY GOOD BONUS – But you’ll only want this option if you want to start getting fit sooner, too.CHOOSE TO SIGN UP FOR THIS 5 DAY SNEAK PEEK WITH A CHALLENGE PACK PURCHASE that includes the 25% Discount (coach) Membership Status (free at sign up), and IN ADDITION to your 5 Day FREE Sneak Peek, you’ll also receive:

+ First Month’s supply of Shakeology at 25% discounted price, with HD $2 shipping
+ 90 Day Online Access to Beachbody’s TOP Fitness Programs OR a DVD kit of your choice
+ Online Meal Planner and Fitness Trackers

+ One on One Coaching and Group Accountability

How do you get it?  >>>  simply LEAVE your email below or email me at  and I will send this bundled deal to your inbox today, as well as send to you the sneak peek info, and you’ll be ready to go!


Well, I’ll tell you my idea…. and you can choose to either take the freebie option or the deal option….

Take this BONUS FITBIZ OPTION, and You’ll be GETTING FIT for summer pool time all while getting to know the celebrity trainer programs, nutrition products, and business opportunity the company offers…. so that at the end of the 5 Day Sneak Peek, you will have a HEADSTART in launching your own business and able to get started RIGHT AWAY, should you want to do so – NOT LIMITED to just one program, but with all the programs at your fingertips and experience to share with your first clients!    YOU”LL BE AHEAD OF THE GAME.  Not to mention a great deal.

Part of what makes this biz so great is we are able to offer people WHOLE solutions that meet their needs for fitness, nutrition, and accountability – plus a personal, one on one connection with their coach.

MAY 1ST THRU 7TH 2015 108

But still – no obligation to continue beyond the 5 Day Sneak Peek if you choose not to.  You even have a bottom of the bag money back guarantee with your Shakeology purchase – so it is risk free!

Can’t join us that week?  Don’t want to wait? No worries-

I can SEND to you the information before the MAY 18th Start Date!  Email me
Training opportunity with TOP 2X ELITE 5 STAR Diamond COACH mentorship will be offered at close of Sneak Peek.

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