Coach Summit 2015 – Nashville, here we come!

ONLY ONE WEEK AWAY and we will be HERE…!!! Nashville, here we come!

coach summit one week away 2015

Can’t wait to hug teammates and stand alongside 25,000 plus Coaches all on the same mission – to share health with others who crave it for themselves!!

Just 3 months ago, both my coach and my mentor looked at me and told me to GET TO SUMMIT. Well, something that day was lit up in me (and Donald, too), because next HE was looking at me and telling me we needed to MAKE IT HAPPEN (ha – I’m inwardly chuckling as I recall the fb post I made this morning LOL).

Since February, I have been fully immersing myself in online training and personal development… and I sense a rising energy coming together with an inner purpose… to fiercely CREATE this life vision that has been planted in my heart.

I believe one day I will look back at Summit 2015 and KNOW that it was a turning point – a ground breaking to something greater than I am able to imagine in this moment as I type it out to you.

A learning and implementing and teaching of what coaching is meant to be – in a new way and another level….

“Life Fit” in my heart encompasses faith and stewardship, health and wealth, fitness and freedom. Each piece of life fitting together, enhancing and complimenting the other… a more complete well-being and balanced living… an inner light others are drawn to in their personal pursuit of a happier, more fulfilling life.

As coaches, it’s not just about us. It’s about how the healthier ‘us’ we are cultivating can uniquely contribute to the multifaceted health of the people around us.

Can’t wait to be smack dab in the thick of next week — I’ll be leaning in with anticipation until then! #NashvilleBound #TeamLifeFit #WarriorNation #leadership #lifechange

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