☕☕Coconut Oil …in COFFEE?? I’m sharing how I do it on #lifefit &ballance

coconut oil in my coffee???  angelballance.com
Click to Watch my video on YOUTUBE for HOW I whip my coffee up with just my ol’ Oster blender 😉

I’ve gotten some question marks on more than one occasion when I say that I put coconut oil in my coffee while following the 21 day fix.

Like… how do you???? What’s that look like???

Well, here’s how I do it.  ⤵

Click the pic below to watch my video on YouTube!

Like sippin’ on a cappuccino ♡

Like sippin’ on a cappuccino  ♡

Now, I reference in the video that coconut oil is recommended by the creator of 21 day fix, Autumn Calabrese.  And why is that?

Well, here’s the short answer:

“There are a lot of health benefits to coconut oil. It is an antibacterial as well as an antiviral, but it is also what we call a medium-chain fatty acid. Because of its unique makeup, our body will use it as fuel instead of storing it as fat.”

And here’s the full interview here.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the 21 Day Fix, or the 21 Day Fix Extreme (coffee and coconut oil is allowed in both ;-)), visit the workouts section of my blog or click here or even here.  But if you know that you want it NOW, well, go ahead and go here.  BTW!  It’s also available in Spanish  😉

If you’re just so happy with the workouts you’re doing now, but would like to try the FIX way of eating to learn about portion control and eating according to your macros (ever heard of IIFYM?? – yeah, this is easier way of doing that and clean eating), staying in calorie range without having to actually count calories (bonus! who else feels that app kinda consumes your time like, all day?) WOW – then try looking at just the portion fix (it’s the container system and eating guide without the workout dvds) here, and consider purchasing the new Fixate cookbook to get recipes and meal ideas using the fix containers, like, NOW if you just KNOW you’re a foodie but will need the help thinking up ways to eat yummy foods clean!

Alrighty, y’all – you know you can email me coachangelb@gmail.com anytime with your questions or comment below!  Find me on Facebook and Instagram, too – I’d love to connect!

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