What Is Coaching – 3 Day Event!

Ever been curious about what I do as a coach?

I couldn’t be more excited to wake up and get to work!  Everyday that I get to stay home and put on my coaching hat is a Saturday to me! 

3 Day Sneak Peek into What I Do as a Coach { clickable event invitation on my fb page facebook.com/angelballance }
This is a private fb group setting to look, listen, gather intel… & decide if the partnership I offer fits in with your dream job description! 

I especially look forward to days like today when the coaches on my team are making strides and real personal growth starting their own business!  And then to hear from more and more people each day who want to make a CHANGE in their lives for the better, to pursue their health, fitness, AND entrepreneurial dreams… 

I want to encourage you, if you have a hope and a desire to do something new and creative and inspiring with your life – DO IT NOW!  Don’t wait for it. Drifting into the life we want doesn’t happen… we have to CREATE IT. 

All the money in the world can’t pay enough for a passionless job… and thankfully when an opportunity like this offers a greater soul happiness and a passion doing the things you LOVE to do, you are able to put your efforts into building an income around helping others feel awesome, too! 

Trust God enough to provide for your  purpose-filled dream… don’t you think He wants the healthier, more FREE and more inspired YOU even more than you do?  He’s a good, good, Father… trust Him to take care of you in your entrepreneurial pursuits!  You’re not quitting your current job tomorrow, but you ARE creating the kind of future you’d REALLY enjoy living in.

If you’re ready to wake up EAGER TO start your day and with more drive, joy, passion in your heart… reach out!   We are in it together! 


Join me for just 3 days of sharing what we do as coaches  😉  click there and that’s it!  I’ll add you to our little 3 day group tomorrow night!

See you then!

#enjoymoresaturdays #livemore

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