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Quick Anytime Healthy Treat ♥

​there are waaaayyy more fancier versions of this out there, but this mama was in a time crunch today and needed a fix!

I needed some protein & a healthy fat to meet my nutritional needs today…. and stat!  I needed 1 or 2 portions of protein and 1 healthy fat to make sure I stayed on point with my meal plan today… but I didn’t have to time to cook eggs & bacon (my original plan) nor did I feel like blending up a shake just yet.  I wanted to sit and spoon a treat into my mouth post workout today while I got some work done on the soafa with my desktop and cup o’ joe nearby  ;-).  (The ritual of a warm cup of coffee is just calming to me… absolutely switch to herbal tea if that is your thang)!.  

Back to my snack!

I opened up the fridge and noticed greek yogurt still untouched since our grocery run trip… PERFECT.  But … usually I put that on a salad with taco meat (not cooking)!  So… opened up the pantry and saw coconut oil & cacao nibs… YES!!  idea born.  

Grabbed a bowl and stirred it with a fork til smooth… 

portion fix container counts:

1.5 red (protein)❤

1 spoon (oil) ⏺

1 freebie ♡
Here are all my ingredients used:

1 red container plain greek yogurt

1/2 scoop chocolate shakeology

1 tsp ev coconut oil 

1 tsp cacao nibs

The nibs are BITTER – so you can omit or sub with dark chocolate chips 😉

Also spooning in some almond butter would be heavenly…
Do you have a go-to?  Share below!

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