Join Our Million Dollar HealthBet ♡ 

​What if we told you that in the month of September you could not only lose some major weight, feel better, stronger and happier – but also very literally get paid for getting healthier ?!

All you do are these 3 things, every day for 30 days:

1. Workout 3 days a week 

2. Drink Shakeology 5 days a week

3. Click a button in an app that tells me you did #1 and #2.  

And for doing 1,2,3…. you will receive a portion of 1- 3 MILLION DOLLAR bucket pool for doing so ;-).

How fun and awesome does that sound to you?  Are you in already?
It’s called the HealthBet!  And it really is that simple. 

Comment below if you’re just interested enough to want to find out more… or if that extra incentive already got you fired up & certain and you’re ready to sign up

 and claim your spot!  

Starts Sept 5th – which means you really need to sign up before end of August!  

Interested?  Drop your email in the form below and we will reach out to you!

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