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HEY there, Mama!

Thanks for checking out my page. A little about me……

Tell me… do you believe your LIFE can be your Message? No matter how messy or messed up our past, I believe God can turn every pain into a triumph, and use our life story to be a message of hope, light, and a pivotal turning point for someone else!

You see, I remember a time, lying flat on my back in pain and fear, knowing… I never want to live like this or in this caged up feeling again! I realized that nothing was going to change until I did something about it!
So – (I asked God) What CAN I do about it? Welp… (He answered back) You’re just gonna have to MAKE it happen! Just trust Me. We’ll do it together.

I grew up in dance and church, always kinda feeling like I never measured up – not in anything worth doing and never to anyone’s expectations of me. I didn’t blame it on any one person or thing that happened “to me” … I just kinda felt there was something I was missing that everybody else seemed to have.

In middle school I was sexually abused. In high school I thought so little of my self worth and self image that I adopted a cycle of stuffing my feelings with food and then starving myself to keep from gaining weight In college I put on 30 very unhealthy pounds and spent a lot of time trying metabolism pills, cigarettes, rediculous diets,and a host of other bad decisions that left me feeling more empty than ever before.

After finding someone who finally loved me for who I was, as I was, so completely despite absolutely flawed…and looking into the eyes of my children realizing my LIFE was my message and ministry to them… I woke up one day and decided I wanted to TAKE MY LIFE BACK — so that is what I did. I went to work first on my “inner” thought life … then went to matching up my “outer” life to being fit and healthier, too.

Lost 45 lbs and somewhere along the way grew a love for nutrition and fitness.

My husband and I both committed our marriage to God and living in His purpose – and after 10 years in ministry in our Louisiana hometown, he got a job in Texas, so we picked up and moved. THIS was when I experienced new pain — physical pain from a wreck and injuries — in my spine, neck, back, hip, shoulder — and had no idea how I would ever get stronger, let alone continue my journey of wanting to be healthy for my family. It seemed IMPOSSIBLE — -I had no money for a gym membership and had no desire to take that time away from home anyway….SO I found a new solution!

I used home workouts to get my strength back and started helping other women get their lives back with the same solutions I had and FEEL AMAZING through coaching others. After leaving a non-fulfilling job,…I got certified to teach fitness classes and decided in my heart to be at home with my kiddos as much as possible, building my coaching business and helping women RECREATE their lives FIT for how they want to live it 

MY LIFE FIT journey has helped me become who I am today. I started seeing myself in GOD’s eyes of love and acceptance — in His truth – and LIVING in my purpose and passion for serving others . My confidence and courage has grown….MY faith and my body are stronger….my mindset CHANGED and so did my everyday living of life – from captive and broken inside to happy and whole – inside out! And most of all, I became a better WIFE and MAMA to my family – which was my heart’s first and foremost purpose from the beginning.

In the past 2 years I have helped so many other people change their lives by supporting them on their journey to Life Fit, Healthy, and Free…. I am a believer that it all starts with your desired purpose, your mindset, and your willingness to begin. To grow the FAITH that YOU are worth more, that God has a purpose on your life, and that you are ABLE to Make your Life FIT, HEALTHY, WHOLE, and Courageously FREE. 

If you are here and want to JOIN me in reaching your goals and creating your LIFE FIT, message me and we will chat more! I can’t WAIT to know you and partner with you in creating your new Life Fit story, too 😉!

Your Life is Your Message…
Make it Life Fit!!

– Angel



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