My first interest in Beachbody started about 3 years ago while watching a promotion for P90X on television. I took an honest minute to reflect, and realized that I had allowed my personal health to take a backseat. I was no longer eager to be in front of the camera, but behind it. I was self-conscious and increasingly uncomfortable in my body after giving birth to three beautiful children within a span of 4 years and becoming a stay at home mom. I had also tried all sorts of diets in the years prior, restricting calories but with no sustaining results. Watching the Beachbody promotional with a reignited excitement, I called my husband in to see all of the inspiring stories of real people who had made a commitment to their fitness with the Beachbody programs and experiencing amazing achievements. We discussed where we were on a fitness level versus where we wanted to be for ourselves and for our children, and we made a promise to one other that we would make a shift in our priorities and take back our health.

After a major move from our Louisiana hometown to the North Dallas, Texas area, I soon met our neighbor. She was a Beachbody coach, and invited me to join in with her and a few ladies to try Beachbody’s newest program, PiYo, with Chalene Johnson. I was so excited at the opportunity, I only blinked ONCE when she said workouts were at 5:15 AM (I have NEVER been a morning person)! PiYo made such a difference in my life in such a short amount of time. Since then, I have increased energy, strength, and flexibility. I am seeing real results all over my body – losing inches and becoming more toned. In addition, I have experienced a huge relief from pain in my hip, neck, and shoulders from a previous injury that, in other workout programs I’d tried, had me limping for days. But now, I’m LOVING staying active!

When my Coach encouraged me to consider joining Team Beachbody as a coach, too, I knew I could get behind the products and programs because I had already experienced my own success with them. With the opportunity to continue doing something so rewarding and also contribute financially to my family’s income, I decided to sign up as a Coach.

What I love about the opportunity of being Team Beachbody Coach is knowing that I am making myself available to every person who has that same hope, and is ready to take on their own change in a real, sustaining, and motivating way. I’m able to help guide them to the ideal fitness program that fits their lifestyle and desired results, providing motivation, accountability, and keeping focused on their goals.   AND, if you’re like me, and this is a path that ignites a new passion inside of you, you’ll want to JOIN me and a TEAM of coaches like us – willing and wanting to impact the lives of others to become the BEST version of themselves.

I believe you (all of us) are all meant to be able to live a LIFE “FIT” – healthy AND strong, inwardly AND outwardly, READY FOR and of SUITABLE quality for your life’s purpose, actively pursuing the things that fulfill you and make your every day more enjoyable.

Sometimes we lose our way due to distractions and busy schedules, but if you’re like me, you still hold a hope and desire inside you for more and a better quality of life. Not only a life for yourself, but a life you can FULLY and ACTIVELY ENJOY with the people most important to you.

Continuing on my own journey of growing strong, fit, and healthy, my hope is to be a POSITIVE force of inspiration and a living example to my children and to my family. While sharing my own victories with others along the way, I want to encourage each person like you to EMBRACE your own story of success, to discover your own God-given strength and gifts, to surpass the point you thought you’d never arrive to.

Together, I want to celebrate the fun and rewarding benefits of adopting fitness from the inside out – creating an exciting life of wholeness and well-being – so we can actively accomplish living out the rest of our dreams. Let’s visualize the person we want to become, and really GO FOR IT – no more excuses or regrets left on the table, because God created us to live a victorious life, not one of defeat.
What can you imagine accomplishing with your LIFE in the next 5 weeks, 5 months, or 5 years?
Contact me, and let’s get started on those dreams today!

“Your imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein.

“Sometimes God allows us to see the miracle.  Sometimes God allows us to BE the miracle.” – Lysa Terkeurst

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