My New Favorite Fix-Friendly Salad Dressing.

I’ve met new favorite dressing today at lunch, y’all.   ūüôā With my leftover pork loin from last night’s dinner, I made a blackberries & radish spinach salad topped with an orange lime vinaigrette.  Delicious!  I’ve always been a honey mustard fan, and this meets that craving for me without the added sugars and such ofContinue reading “My New Favorite Fix-Friendly Salad Dressing.”


CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW MY SHORT VIDEO ON YOUTUBE So, this weekend I wanted to shout from the rooftops and dance all over the house with my kids because when I stepped on the scale and pulled out my measuring tape, recording my measurements for the week…. it suddenly occurred toContinue reading “MY SUDDEN WEEKEND REALIZATION… I’VE LOST MORE THAN 30 LBS & AT LEAST 3 DRESS SIZES with Beachbody & Shakeology”

21 Day Fix / 21 Day Fix EXTREME

Hold On to your Hats, Y’all, cause I’m going EXTREME this month! As of TODAY I can say that I have¬†officially lost over 30 pounds and at least 3 dress sizes since starting with Beachbody¬†& Shakeology in July 2014, and while my journey began with PiYo,¬†21 Day Fix was definitely a part of it! ¬†21Continue reading “21 Day Fix / 21 Day Fix EXTREME”

Why I Became a Coach.

Hey, y’all!¬† Angel here.¬† So, I wanted to share with you why and¬† how I became a coach, so I’m sharing this short video with you to get the conversation going. You can watch my Video here:¬† Please always feel free to ask me questions or simply reach out to me about the programsContinue reading “Why I Became a Coach.”


Are you also wondering, “What’s the diff between #21df & #21dfX?” Well, here ya go…. a handy dandy side-by-side chart. Which one fits your own goals? I’m here to help you! ¬†Take a look over the chart and then let’s talk about it. ¬†(You’ll need to make me your coach – ask me howContinue reading “WHAT’S THE DIFF???”

Discovery of what is POSSIBLE. Leaning into the NEXT LEVEL.

I remember staring at the measuring tape, then the previous week’s numbers, and back at the measuring tape… and realizing that I was ONLY ONE week into my first round of 21 day fix, and I was already witnessing MAJOR changes… my goals were happening! It’s simply an amazing feeling to know and experience forContinue reading “Discovery of what is POSSIBLE. Leaning into the NEXT LEVEL.”

LAUNCHING new small group SOON. Looking for YOU!!

If I told you about this widely successful 21 day program that can help you lose both pounds and inches, burn more fat and gain lean muscle, in just 30 minute workouts and a simple nutrition solution that WORKS for your life. .. without counting calories/macros/points… . Would you be interested? LAUNCHING new small groupContinue reading “LAUNCHING new small group SOON. Looking for YOU!!”


Alright! ¬†Right down to business! ¬†The winner from the random drawing is…. ANGELA! Angela, please pm me your mailing address, so I can send you your free gift! ¬†You’ll be receiving a FREE copy of Autumn Calabrese’s Plyo FIX workout DVD CONGRATULATIONS, ANGELA!! Grab a towel and prepare to sweat!¬† { For all 5 squatContinue reading “5 DAY SQUAT CHALLENGE – WINNER POSTED!”