Attend My Local & Virtual Fitness Classes this Week

This week is gonna be so much fun! (Ok, admittedly, it’s ALREADY so much fun, because I’m posting this on Wednesday morning and Monday/Tuesday has already happened – forgive me! LOL But I wanted you to know allllll the opportunities you usually get every week to workout with me!

Speaking of Tuesday… did you see my tips posted yesterday to my facebook & instagram ? First, I shared a step by step run down of how I do meal planning here and then I shared a FITNESS HACK for getting a better calorie burn with weight lifting here – so you can work smarter no LONGER!

Virtual Classes

All classes listed below are streamed LIVE in my virtual studio and recorded for members. Sign up at DM me for a free guest pass or try it for just $7/week or $20/month and cancel anytime.



Wednesday 5pm CST – TURBO KICK

Thursday 9:45am CST – BARRE HIIT


Local Classes

All classes listed below are at local Texas Family Fitness gym locations. You can visit their website for a guest pass or call them to sign up for multi-club membership.

Tuesday 8:30am CST, Frisco E – SoulFusion

Tuesday 9:30am, Frisco E – Turbo Kick

Tuesday 5:30pm, The Colony – SoulFusion

Wednesday 9:30am, FriscoW/Little Elm- Barre **new class**

Wednesday 6:30pm, FriscoW/Little Elm- Warrior Rhythm

Friday 9:30am, Frisco W/LittleElm – Warrior Rhythm

Saturday 9:30am, Plano E – Turbo Kick

Saturday 10:30am, Plano E – Warrior Rhythm

Did you see the surprise new barre class added to Wednesdays in Little Elm?! Yayyy!!! Invite your friends with guest passes and let’s have a party at the barre! We’ll play with dumbbells, core bender balls, gliding discs, and loops/bands! No shoes necessary. Barre socks welcomed, if you prefer.

See you on the mat!

In Sweat & Faith,


Attend my Local & Virtual Fitness Classes: Week of Jan 4th

Have you ever wondered what it’s like in one of my classes? I’d be happy to give you all the grit and grace this week! Drop into any of my local OR virtual classes! Here’s what I got for you:

Virtual Classes

All classes listed below are streamed LIVE in my virtual studio and recorded for members. Sign up at



Wednesday 8am CST – Barre Total Body Burn

Wednesday 5pm CST- Warrior Rhythm

Thursday 9:45am CST – Barre HIIT

Local Classes

All classes listed below are at local Texas Family Fitness gym locations

Tuesday 8:30am CST, Frisco E – SoulFusion

Tuesday 9:30am, Frisco E – Turbo Kick

Tuesday 5:30pm, The Colony – SoulFusion

Wednesday 9:30am, FriscoW/Little Elm- Barre **new class**

Wednesday 6:30pm, FriscoW/Little Elm- Warrior Rhythm

Friday 9:30am, Frisco W/LittleElm – Warrior Rhythm

Saturday 9:30am, Plano E – Turbo Kick

Saturday 10:30am, Plano E – Warrior Rhythm

Did you see the surprise new barre class added to Wednesdays in Little Elm?! Yayyy!!! Invite your friends with guest passes and let’s have a party at the barre! We’ll play with dumbbells, core bender balls, gliding discs, and loops/bands! No shoes necessary. Barre socks welcomed, if you prefer.

See you on the mat!

In Sweat & Faith,


5 Reasons We Overeat

SAVE & SHARE this video! 5 Common Reasons we Overeat!
(Watch Video to Listen to the 5)

One good thing from the last few crazy years around here?! The idea of treat vs cheat , anti-diet movements, being proud of doing healthy things for yourself, and taking time for self care has TOTALLY become a thing. #imallforthat 🙌👏


⭐Self care isn’t selfish, we’ve all heard said. The only badge of honor we get for putting ourselves last is… to put it eloquently:
a really SUCKY version of ourselves.
(IDK about you but I wouldn’t wanna be friends with me when I’m drained and my sanity is walking a fiiiiiine line! 👹). This is also when I personally am triggered to OVEREAT big time.
It doesn’t matter if I’m hungry or not – I’ll eat whatever, however much until I’m miserable, and sleep it off til the next day, wake up feeling crappy in my gut and head, slip into defeated thinking, do it all again.
I had to learn to recognize opportunities like GUILT and fatigue and over committing my energies and self neglect that led me to over eat opportunities… AHEAD of it actually happening… so I could prevent it.
Simply put: stress makes me eat when I let it. So I had to get control of my stress to help me get control of my eating.
I’m an advocate for enjoying treats in moderation, but ALSO I’m big on eating what promotes health FIRST, the majority of the time.
In my video above I share 5 common reasons (stress included) why we overeat. Next week I’ll share what to do about it.

In Sweat & Faith,


Food Cravings & Faith: What do they have to do with each other?

Food Cravings & Faith – What do they have to do with each other? Let’s talk about it! Grab something warm to sip on, maybe your bible app, and let’s chat!

This video chat also appears on my facebook page. You can join the discussion here.

In Sweat & Faith,


New Program Alert: 9 Week Control Freak

Autumn Calabrese is BACK! I cannot wait to take control of 2021 with her brand new program 9 Week Control Freak. So let’s jump right in!

What is 9 Week Control Freak?
You can check out a little about the program here:

The image below goes over all the details and then I will go through them with you below!


🏋️‍♀️Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese is back for her tenth program! You probably know her from 21 Day Fix or 80 Day Obsession!
🏋️‍♀️9 week program that is divided into three phases- each increasing in intensity!

🏋️‍♀️5 workouts a week-  three DCT-T workouts (Density, Complexes, and Tabata Training), one day of Total Body Tone, and one day of Tabata Cardio and Core.
🏋️‍♀️Density training builds strength and stamina by bringing the intensity! Perform 5 exercises for as many rounds as you can fit in before the clock expires. The next day, you will try to beat your current best! The new equipment helps to increase time under tension and Tabata cardio scorches calories!
🏋️‍♀️The workouts are only 18-30 minutes long!

🏋️‍♀️With new moves, new equipment, and incredible results, 9 Week Control Freak will help you to take control of the things that profoundly impact your quality of life – including strength, stamina, nutrition, and rest. 

Who is Autumn Calabrese?

Can you believe that this is Autumn’s 10th program on BOD?! Autumn Calabrese is the creator of breakthrough fitness programs like 21 Day Fix + 80 Day Obsession, as well as the portion-control weight-loss system Ultimate Portion Fix.

She’s the author of the bestselling book “Lose Weight Like Crazy Even If You Have a Crazy Life” + 2 cookbooks; she also co-hosts the FIXATE cooking show on BOD with her brother, chef Bobby Calabrese.

Autumn is a certified holistic health coach with a true desire to help you take control in 2021 so that you can live your best life! 

When Can I Start?

🗓️December 7th: Coaches and discount / VIP coaches can purchase!
🗓️December 21st: Customers can purchase
🗓️January 4th: Our official 9 Week Control Freak Group will start!

What does it mean to be a coach or VIP customer? There are NO purchase or sales requirements for this option- you never have to coach anyone but yourself! This option just allows you to purchase earlier and get 25% off future orders! You can cancel anytime!

You will have access to 9 Week Control Freak once you purchase. However, you do need equipment starting with workout ONE. So I will be hosting a prep / holiday survival group so we can get through the holiday season, explore nutrition options, and all start day one together on January 4th!

What equipment is required?

✨ Control Track with B-LINES Resistance Band – this adjustable resistance device easily attaches to your door frame. It can also be mounted on a wall. (You’ll get a demonstration video + installation guidelines to ensure your safety!)
✨ Fitness step – like the one used in Transform :20, this step will work your body to its full potential!
✨ Core ball – an inflatable, non-weighted ball to help take your workouts to the next level!
✨ Dumbbells – you’ll want a set of light, medium, and heavy weights.

What is the nutrition plan like?
All 9 Week Control Freak Challenge and Completion Packs include BOTH UPF and 2B Mindset – our premium nutrition plans, so we will be able to focus on the nutrition program that works best for you. This combination of nutrition and fitness is amazing!

What support will I have?

I cannot wait to start this test group with you! Our New Year’s groups are always filled with SO much energy, fun and camaraderie- it is the BEST way to start 2021! My groups are on our own app, so you don’t get distracted by social media- plus you can track your workouts and progress right in the app!

Each week I will upload new meal plans and each day we will check in with each other, motivate and inspire! It is a great place to answer questions, brainstorm and just enjoy the community!

What packages are there?

For New Customers:

For Existing BOD Members:

I definitely recommend the Deluxe Challenge Pack- Autumn is known for having amazing and effective workouts- so having Energize to power through and Recover so you can move the next day will be key!

My favorite add ons:

Anything else I need to know?!

📋A step is not included in the package, but is required! I know a lot of you have them from previous programs! If you need one, they will be 15% off PLUS free shipping with your 9 Week Control Freak package! Or you can grab one from Amazon!
📋The equipment is needed starting day 1!
📋Prices are a little different than normal packages because of all the new equipment! You will be seeing the control track, etc in other upcoming programs as well! Just make sure that you are paying attention to pricing!
📋We are doing everything possible to get shipments out ASAP, but with the state of the world and holiday shopping, there can be delays- make sure to order ASAP to ensure you have everything ready to go for January 4th!

I am so excited to do this program with you! Make sure that you have filled out this form to be kept up to date! I will be sending out the order form so you can get on my VIP list!

Do I have to quit my job to become a coach?

“Don’t be what they call you. Be what you are.” – TD Jakes

Want to know one of the BEST perks of being a health and fitness coach with me (besides the discounts)?

You don’t have to change A THING about your life right now if you don’t wanna AND can start making some fun income right away 👏

If you’re already working your dream job, that’s amazing!! 😍 You don’t have to quit to be a coach! Im here to help and I have a simple daily checklist of the coaching activities I do each day to help you get started and squeeze it in when it’s convenient for you!

You can start these little coaching activities on your lunch breaks while you munch on your salad, after work while you’re cuddling with the cat, early in the mornings while you sip your coffee, on weekends, during commercials 😂 or heck – automate it! Yep, that can happen.

If you’re interested in learning more about coaching you gotta snatch up this free pdf right this second! This won’t be available after the New Year so this is your chance to download it. ⌛

You never know, on the other side of this PDF could be something life-changing!

And if after reading the pdf you’re wanting to know more about joining my team, fill out my interest form here and I’ll be in touch!

In Sweat & Faith,


Time-saving tips ⏳ for Christmas!

The holidays are BUSY, no doubt about it. Finding extra time to do anything isn’t easy during the holidays! But it is NOT impossible either.

The tips in this time-saving pdf are a great first step to helping you out. 


I’m just as guilty as the next Christmas crazed mama out there. I love the decorations, the music, the festive treats, the Candlelight Christmas church service, and the Christmas cheer on every T-shirt .

But it’s so easy to fall into the hustle and bustle of the season and get as lost in it as my cats do in the Christmas tree!

So what do you do? How do you stop yourself from running around from task to task and feeling like you are stretched too thin to function?

It is super important that you take a hot minute and sit down with your schedule. Write down your MUST-DO’s and any events first. These are non-negotiables that need your attention FIRST.

For me, this includes time in the morning for devotional and prayer. That time with Jesus calms my heart & head, gets my mind in the right focus for Him to guide my steps and me to be sensitive to hear Him when He does.

This also includes my workout time. If I don’t make it happen first thing, or at least schedule it into my day, distractions and emergencies tend to creep in and take its place. Or I get plain tired and talk myself out of it.

Also, this includes 3 top priorities for the week to move my businesses forward, enhance my relationship with my kids & hubby, and keep my household running 😉

Then, add in your COULD-DO’s. These are items that you would love to get done, but that aren’t as pressing.

These are like the errand to Hobby Lobby, the office reorganizing , scrolling social media mindlessly with no purpose other than to be “busy” procrastinating something else on your top priority list Lol , Hallmark movie marathons when just one movie will do , personalizing of every teacher gift til 2am, or the website rebranding that can wait for the New Year.

Finally, add in your WOULD LOVE TO-Do’s. These are the fun things, the extra things that you would love to do if time and brain-power allow it! 😊

Sister—- don’t skip this one!!

Would you love to volunteer at the church Christmas shoebox distribution? Would you love to watch a new Christmas movie you’ve never seen or rewatch a classic with the family? Would you love to meet a friend for Christmas Starbucks and chat about life ? Would you love to make a batch of Forgotten Cookies before bed?

So take these time-saving tips from a fitness and business pro to heart. Because the time you save is going to be SO important for your sanity! 

And finally, if you don’t want someone to call you a Scrooge, take a few minutes every day to do something for YOU. Fill YOUR cup up first so that you feel good and have more energy!

Here are some ideas of things you can do:

  • Take a bath.
  • Take a power nap.
  • Watch a Christmas movie.
  • Read a book just for fun.
  • Get outside.


I’ll be back next week with a fun recipe and tips for staying on top of your health and fitness goals this holiday season!

In Sweat & Faith,


Become a WARRIOR Rhythm Instructor

Fitness Instructor friends! Become a Warrior Rhythm Instructor BLACK FRIDAY SALE!! 🎉🎁 50% off now through 11/29 with my Black Friday promo link below.

If you’re reading this and it’s after 11/29/2020, scroll down to see how you can still save 10% .

If you’re looking for a new format that mixes weight lifting, cardio, & yoga… or just for some CEUs to round out the year… Might I tempt you to consider WARRIOR Rhythm™ ?

I’ve been teaching it for several months now, and with 6 rounds already created, you’re well taken care of in the choreography department right off the bat! More and more, I’m loving teaching this class, and the feedback I’ve gotten from both virtual and in person participants has been so positive!

Whether you are teaching in the gym or online, this fusion style class is so versatile and unique, a combination of grit and grace, and with variations for every fitness level. And with the times we live in, the training is provided to you online so that you can take it at your own pace from home. Don’t forget to save with my promo link below to get the Black Friday sale price. 😉

Sign up for certification course by end of Sunday and get 50% off!!

Become a Warrior Rhythm Instructor here:

I love our growing community of instructors, our fierce & humble leader Ellen, and would be so happy to see you join us! Please click that “share” button below if you know an instructor who you’d like to see teach this class, and help us share this wonderful format with your circle of fitness friends, too!

Follow my blog & sign up for email alerts:

After 11/29? Sign up with my 10% discount link here:

Why I started Intermittent Fasting

I have been intermittent fasting for a few years now and I wanted to tell you how I knew I needed to eat this way from now on once I tried it.

I am a volume eater and emotional eater. Which means I personally don’t like eating lots of small meals throughout the day. I enjoy eating a decent sized plate til I feel full, and I have a history of overeating sweets and junky foods when I get triggered emotionally. Stressed? Eat a sleeve and a half (or until you feel sick to your stomach) of chewy chips ahoy in secret. Worried? Eat half a gallon of ice cream with a full bag of M&Ms and Reeses pieces on top, with a handful of dill pickles for when it gets too sweet and you crave salt.

That was one of the reasons I started really considering intermittent fasting when I heard about it.

The other reason was related to the gut health probs I’d had since childhood and it was only getting worse. Google “irritable bowel syndrome” and “spastic colon” and you’ll get what I’m saying. I experienced all the pains and bathroom episodes you read about starting from about the age of 13years old. It was still an issue through college, getting married, having babies. All of it. The Doctor said it’s related to stress and diet, so I changed my job and sleeping schedule, eliminated acidic foods and took medicines when I still had episodes. Nothing changed! I was managing it but not healing from it.

When I started the nutrition and fitness programs I do now, everything started to change. IBS Symptoms started to reverse. I started researching to find out how I had finally done what I’d been trying to do for years, and I was surprised to discover that basically it was just because of how I’d learned to eat on my simple quest to lose weight and keep it off (I had gained a bunch of weight from stress eating over the years and wanted to learn how to do it without starving or calorie counting).

So, I’d kinda accomplished reversing my gut health and controlling my eating urges by accident!

While I reading more and more about intermittent fasting, I also learned that it was so beneficial for helping heal the gut and keep my problems away , but also for fat loss, blood sugar problems, and energy problems, that I decided to give it a try. And it’s completely proven true for my life.

Yes, I was scared of being hungry. But I can tell you I wake up in the morning perfectly fine and not hungry! I workout fasted every morning and I teach my fitness classes fasted … I feel awesome. No joke. Im not exaggerating. And then when I “break” my fast to eat my first meal of the day, it’s a substantial meal, so I feel full and satisfied. Which has helped with that volume eating and overeating issue.

So, I’m telling you this so that if you’ve been a little curious about it or know someone who has experienced any of the problems I was having, to tell you it’s not a hoax or gimmick to be afraid of. Try it for yourself and see! And if you need a little guidance… I’m here to help.

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