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The Ultimate Portion Fix

A premium Nutrition Program created by Autumn Calabrese. Whether you are new to the portion control container system or you’ve been using them for a while now, you’re in for a huge treat (oh and you can totally have treats on this plan!). We take the Portion Fix to whole new level including getting the… Continue reading The Ultimate Portion Fix

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3 Tips to Beat Food Temptations

We've all been there --- we go out to eat and the friends are like, "Let's all get a brownie a la mode and share it!" OR the well meaning friend in the office pushes a cupcake into your hand, right after you've promised yourself you're sticking to your meal plan FOR REAL this time.… Continue reading 3 Tips to Beat Food Temptations

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Live Like That Now

If you want something different only you can make that decision and start the process of getting there. No one is holding you back except yourself! See it. Grab hold of it within your heart. Run towards it in all you do and with all your might. Make it such an actively compelling image within… Continue reading Live Like That Now

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“I don’t have time to eat healthy.” CAR CHAT

It's not always about how much time we need, but how we honor the time we have with the tools and resources already at our disposal. Just a little car chat for ya as you're wrapping your brain around returning to your normal routine after this Thanksgiving break and think about how to start your… Continue reading “I don’t have time to eat healthy.” CAR CHAT

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🎄👑 25 Days to Fitmas

🎄🎁 My 25 Days to Fitmas 🎄🎁online Life Fit Mama Bootcamp is NOW ACCEPTING Applications & there are just a FEW️ spots up for grabs this year!!! ⠀⠀ ⠀ These last few weeks of Fall are our gentle prelude to winter months, when I'm somewhere between pumpkin spice and maple & brown sugar delightful temptations.… Continue reading 🎄👑 25 Days to Fitmas

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Honeydew Berry Popscicles

ICYMI: Alara (our youngest daughter) is quite the joiner and anticipates the challenge each year.  We encourage her to choose 3 snacks from the recipe booklet for each week that she would like to try, and then we coach her through preparing them at home.  Sometimes we take pictures and/or videos of her snacks, and here is one of her snacks prepared for the challenge ;-).