Faith, Food, & Fitness: Living Life Fit. (Week of Jan 24)

Faith for Life Fit

I think sometimes (most often times) we desperately are looking for a quick, clear cut yes or no from God in a rushed “need it now” panic, but when things are good and we don’t have that same urgency, reconnecting can seem so hard… answers seem to come so delayed, not so definitively, and like God doesn’t WANT to tell us the solution to help us out 😂 right?!.

I look back at so many decisions I’ve made that very obviously I “must’ve missed God” on, 🤷🏻‍♀️ and while I’m tempted to drop into self criticism and judgment, I know He doesn’t condemn me for missing the mark, so why should I? Seriously, sister: We can rest in knowing He encourages us to pursue Him (knock and keep knocking, right?!), and be persistent about it. Though He seems to take forever (according to our time clock), He is always right on time. Though we may very well have missed His instruction and guidance in a big or small decision that we are now suffering the natural consequences from, He is still the Author and Finisher , our Healer and Provider, our Teacher and Friend. He is still our ever present Help.

If today you’re struggling with a big decision, and just can’t seem to hear clearly, I love the advice I received from a @joycemeyer teaching years ago to “follow peace”. Out of the options before me right now, which option, which path, gives me the most Peace? There is your decision. He’s a God of order and peace, and Jesus says He gives us His Peace. So, I follow His peace. Not the choice that makes people pleased with me, but the choice that brings me His Peace deep in my spirit.

And for the recovering perfectionists and people pleasers in the room with me wondering “but what if I still make the wrong choice or people get mad at me”… Rest in knowing He still won’t abandon us (even though we may mess m it up and get it wrong), He is still always present and leading us, providing light to our path and “always leads us in triumph” (2Cor 2:14) So even if we do get it wrong THIS time, He’s not pulling away from us. We can trust He’s still very much still caring for and leading us in REAL time. Keep listening for His direction!

Recipe For Fit Moms & Foodies

This savory, flavorful Nondairy Clam Chowder is hearty without being heavy, and so easy to make. Our recipe uses four vegetables—onions, celery, potatoes, and turnips— plus flour, chicken stock, and canned clams in broth. It gets even easier because you’ll do it all in one pot. Grab a big spoon and enjoy!
1 Tbsp. + 1 tsp. olive oil
½ cup chopped onion
½ cup chopped celery
¼ cup all-purpose flour
2 cups low-sodium organic chicken broth
3 cans chopped clams in juice, drained, juice reserved
1 cup potatoes, chopped into ½-inch cubes
1 cup peeled turnips, chopped into ½-inch cubes
½ cup unsweetened almond milk
2 bay leaves
¼ tsp. sea salt (or Himalayan salt)
¼ tsp. ground black pepper

1. Heat oil in a large pot over medium heat.
2. Add onion and celery; cook, stirring occasionally, for 3 to 5 minutes, or until onion is translucent. Add flour; cook, stirring occasionally, for 2 minutes.
3. Add broth, clam juice, potatoes, turnips, almond milk, bay leaves, salt, and pepper. Bring to a gentle boil; gently boil, stirring occasionally, for 8 to 10 minutes, or until potatoes and turnips are tender.
4. Add clams; cook for an additional 2 minutes.

Serves 4
Container equivalents: ½ Green, ½ Red, 1 Yellow
2B Mindset Plate It!: Serve with a side salad for a great lunch option!

For my Fit Fam: Class Schedule (local & virtual)

Happy Monday! Whole new week to work out together 🙂. Press play on the video below. If you like to know what’s coming … read my Details underneath it!

In WARRIOR Rhythm, we are unwrapping the brand new less than 10 that is super strength focused for shoulders, core, triceps and it’s close section, plus an all new beautiful balance challenge.

In warrior revolution, spin/cycle, we have a mashup of Some of my favorite standing run challenges and Tabata. On Monday it’s all legs on the bike and on Wednesday we will have a back & bicep focused upper body finisher, and core on Friday.

For my WARRIOR Strength loving peeps, we are doing mash ups of lessons 1 for dynamic/static core challenges on Wednesday & Thursday and lesson 8 for weighted cardio & metabolic greatness on Tuesday!

As requested for my virtual crew, I’ve added a MetCon express class that focuses on 1-2 muscle groups each week with cardio bursts and EMOM finishers. This week we are shoulders and &glutes focused. Check our on demand library for our building collection of MetCon workouts that each focus on different muscle groups such as legs/abs, chest/tricep, back/bicep, etc.

For Turbo ( cardio kickboxing ) we are exploring more of round 73 with an added abs section this week!

Grab a class pass for all my local and virtual classes!

Local classes:

Virtual classes:

For My Fitness Instructor Friends


To all my Instructor friends: look for my upcoming VIRTUAL & LOCAL Certification events coming soon! I’ll be announcing dates for Spring, Summer, & Fall in my next post!

See you soon and thanks again,


My BODGroup Fit Club:

You’re invited to 4 Weeks to Fit: A 28-day nutrition, fitness, and commitment challenge for all abilities, ages, and goals! Our goal with this group is to make the most of the shortest month of our year with accountability + balance for all our fit friends! Each day, we will share a fit tip, challenge, or assignment for us to link arms and tackle together as we choose HEALTH in 2022!

Want to learn more about this amazing group? Here are our daily themes to get excited about!

🔩 Big Smiles Sunday, a weekly tracker to boost your mood to kick start each week,

🔩 Move More Monday, a weekly movement challenge,

🔩 Track Your Treats Tuesday, sweet recipes to incorporate in any plan,

🔩 Winter Wednesday Motivation Tips,

🔩 “Take 20” Thursday, 20-minute productivity challenges,

🔩 Faith for Fitness Friday, diving into loving God and faith centered soul care & self care each week, and

🔩 Super Stretch Saturday, a day each week dedicated to bedtime stretches for better sleep!

Did your January get away from you? Do you need a new, fresh start to commit your fit journey to? This is going to be so fun + so fit, and we hope to see you with us! Email me at subject: “4 FIT” and I’ll send all the info your way!

Cues in my Class + This week’s line up + When will I see results?

One thing I am super passionate about when I teach is to always remind you about form. This is so great to make sure we get the best results and are working out safely and effectively! Be honest- do you “zone out” and not really listen to the cues I give because it just burns so bad 😂 or maybe you’ve got your own music in your earbuds 🤷🏻‍♀️? Well, just so you know I am constantly reminding you of your body’s proper alignment through each movement, a strong core, where each move should be felt and why. 😆

It’s also important to carry those form cues with you throughout your daily activities, not just in your workout. For example, keeping your core tight is important for all daily functions. Especially if you’re a mama re-building or strengthening and healing your core, this is key! 👌 Keep it tight throughout the whole day and it will make a huge difference in your posture and overall comfort, as well as strength in your core and coordination throughout your whole body.

So that’s my challenge to you this week. I want to be the little voice in your head all day telling you to keep your core tight! 😉 Let me know if you tune in to class this week… how many times you hear me say it 😂 #brokenrecord

In WARRIOR Strength , and WARRIOR Revolution , we’re trying new lessons together!
In WARRIOR Rhythm, we are continuing to add on to Lesson 5 and a sneak peek of Lesson 10 Lift & HIIT to my virtual crew!
In Turbo Kick, we started a flashback to R73!! It’s a fun one with “Hit the Floors”, tuck jumps, back fists, and some shake & shred! And in MetCon we focus on chest & tris mid week.
I’m teaching alllll my classes this week but stay tuned for announcements midweek for possible changes.
Which class are you most excited about?!

We don’t know if it’s the new decade, the ring to ‘2022’ or just the usual excitement that comes with the new year, but we are SO excited for what’s to come!

And we want you to be too! That’s why we are kicking things off for the new year with a FREE goal setting group! That’s right, absolutely free 🎉 Starting THURSDAY right here inside this group.

Just because we know we could really use some direction with all this excitement, and we can’t be the only one…

It’s so easy to get caught up in ‘new year’s resolutions’ and big dreams for the new year. But did you know that only 25% of people stick with their resolution through the first 30 days?! And only 8% actually achieve their resolutions?! We’ll admit, we are totally guilty!

But not this year! Because we are ditching new year’s resolutions, and we are getting SMART instead! You see, the reason no one sticks with resolutions is because they are too broad & vague and have no real action or plan behind them. 👎

But with SMART goals, you can actually get clear on what it is you want to accomplish and how. It’s all about knowing exactly what to do in 2022!

Whether you’re currently working with us and following our workouts or one of our nutrition and fitness programs, or you have not followed anything in…a while…you are invited!

Ready? Join here

This is for anyone and everyone. Seriously, hit that button at the top of our group and invite your friends, too!

Faith for Life Fit REEL Talk

I know you don’t like this answer, but I wouldn’t be a good coach if I said otherwise. How long it took me to lose 50 pounds, overcome emotional eating, stop having intense sugar cravings, restore my gut health, feel in control of my choices and having fun with my results, enjoying the lifestyle to where it didn’t feel like a chore anymore… THAT WAS MY JOURNEY with God. You do yours. It’s gonna likely be similar in some ways, but also be different in others. And that’s ok. It doesn’t make mine better or yours worse. It makes it YOURS. Between you and God. I can guide you, teach you, share in the struggle with you. But you’ve got to cooperate. Not just with what I give you. But also with what He gives you. There’s some internal work that’s gonna have to happen before all the external work you’re practicing locks into its rightful place.

“But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait eagerly for it with patience and composure.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:25‬ ‭AMP‬‬

“For the vision is yet for the appointed [future] time It hurries toward the goal [of fulfillment]; it will not fail. Even though it delays, wait [patiently] for it, Because it will certainly come; it will not delay.”
‭‭Habakkuk‬ ‭2:3‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Stay close to the blog for more this week and I’ll See you soon!


Monday Motivation + My Classes this Week

Catch more reels like this best on Instagram @angelballance

I’ve been there too many times to count, so I feel you. I know that fear well and how it creeps in all sly like. Don’t be fooled. Don’t be stopped. Dance in the face of your fear and walk through it like it has no more hold on you… and it won’t. Keep. Going.

🎶 🎤 Gotta work, work, work 💪🏻 ☑️ “Save” this post for later
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📌 In WARRIOR REVolution this week (spin), we’re riding Monday Lesson 3 for Heavy Leg & extra climbs, Wednesday Lesson 4 + bonus upper body, and Friday Lesson 5 + bonus core.
📌 WARRIOR Strength on Monday is the BRAND NEW Lesson 8! Come Tuesday for a dose of Lesson 1B Partner Workouts. On our brand new Wednesday morning spot we continue Lesson 6. Thursday we will Get Pumped with L6 and it is a brutal but exhilarating 30min.

*about Tuesday night: I will be at TFF LITTLE ELM this week!!! @kellerenee120 is subbing for me in The Colony so I can help sub for another instructor in Little Elm. Don’t skip class. Go to The Colony or go to Little Elm. Either way, you’re getting with WARRIOR Strength!!!

📌 WARRIOR Rhythm we will continue L6 with a splash of L5 this week, and completely embrace L5 by end of January. Virtual crew, Kathy is giving you L9 but expect the first taste of our brand new L10 with me mid January !!!
📌 Turbo Kick peeps… we are still rocking 67 but I’ve got some fun flashbacks coming so be on the lookout!! A special 30min virtual express night class is on Wed. 😊
📌 MetCon and HIIT/Tone, I’m bringing you a little focused work of legs & glutes on Thursday and Abs & Arms on Friday to close out the week virtually… but don’t forget @kathykfitness ‘s Barre Blend on Saturday .

Get guest passes and maps/directions for all of my Local Classes:

Attend all or some of my virtual classes by signing up at my Virtual Studio:

I’ve recently been invited to teach virtually as a guest instructor here as well:

VIP Access to all-new 645 Workout Program + My Group Coaching Support

Are you ready to feel energized and take on anything life throws your way?

I’m so excited to announce the VIP access to our latest fitness program 645 on BOD is here!!

I’ve trained with Amoila before and his programs are LEGIT! He is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled, training celebrities and pro athletes alike before launching his programs with my affiliate company Beachbody. As a coach for Team Beachbody, when you purchase your 645 Total Solution Challenge Pack using my link below, you get all access to my community with my personal group coaching support !

Commitment: the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity. Some commitments are easier than others, but committing myself to my health and fitness journey has been the biggest game changer in my life. More energy, less stress. More joy, less worry. More me time, less caring about what others think. And now, I’m ready to make another commitment – with 645- our newest program with Amoila Cesar!

🏋️‍♀️ 645 is the most common time for someone to workout on our fitness app. And this program is 6 days a week 45 minutes a day. Thus, 645 was born.

🏋️‍♀️ This program is focused on reaching our peak by focusing on form, function, warming up and pushing our bodies properly.

🏋️‍♀️ Nutrition plays a huge part in our health and fitness journey- and in this program. Making sure we are fueling our bodies properly to workout is key.

🏋️‍♀️ 645 uses our new Power Loops (think bands but way more comfortable!) plus weights and a mat.

🏋️‍♀️ 4 phases to keep challenging your body- without overdoing it

🏋️‍♀️ 13 weeks. 6 days a week. 45 minutes a day. A commitment to yourself and your body. 645 is available now for VIP customers / coaches and July 19th for customers. We will all be starting on July 26th!

Does this commitment sound like something you would be interested in? In addition to the program you get:

👯‍♀️ 1:1 coaching from me

👯‍♀️ Access to my challenge group where we will share meal plans, trackers, motivation and keep each other accountable

👯‍♀️ Everyone who commits fully to the program and submits their results will get PRIZES! T shirts + a money back reward!

What are you waiting for?

645 is here! A revolutionary fitness program + nutritional guidance + supportive community full of energy = THE TOTAL SOLUTION!

And if you’re not happy with your results – your purchase is backed by Beachbody’s 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Below are some of the amazing transformations from our test group participants who followed Amoila’s lead for 13 weeks. The key to success is having the tools, support and accountability from an amazing community, coach and super trainer! 

Check out Martin L’s 645 results + Shakeology and Performance Supplements…

And WOW…Look at Michelle’s transformation. Amazing Right!?

Now is the time to put the excitement back into your fitness routine!

This program will become your lifestyle. The bonus content makes it easy to add variety to your routine. You can repeat the program as many times as you’d like!

30minute Sample Workout is Available for you to try free before purchase, plus a 30 day money back guarantee. What are you waiting for?

Will you be starting with us?

Grab your 645 Total Solution Challenge Pack (click here)

Talk soon!



Almond & Apricot Spring Cookies

I don’t know about you, but I am getting so in love with spring!! I am loving all things bright and light and colorful…so when I stumbled across these on our recipe blog, I had to pass them along! 


1 cup all-natural almond butter

1 tsp. pure almond extract

1 cup dry quick-cooking rolled oats

½ cup honey

1 cup Vanilla Shakeology (or protein powder)

24 dried apricot halves


  1. Combine almond butter, extract, oats, honey, and Shakeology in a medium bowl; mix well with a spatula or clean hands.
  2. Roll mixture into 24 balls, each about 1 inch in size.
  3. Flatten each slightly so that it is shaped like a traditional cookie.
  4. Make an indent in the middle of each of the cookies. Place the one dried apricot in the center of each cookie before cooling in the refrigerator.
  5. Refrigerate for at least one hour before serving.
  6. Serve immediately, or store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to five days.

…if they last that long! Hope you enjoy! 


Speaking of Spring, my April Burpees & Bunnies bootcamp is sitll going on and you’re missing it! I feel a new season and a fresh start on the horizon. Because if we made it through the past year, we can make it through anything. And it’s only clearer skies and more sunshine ahead! 

I have just a couple more spots in my group and there’s one with your name on it if you’re ready for your fresh start. We have an entire system already set up for you, with a community to support you through it. So it’s literally fool-proof if you just follow the directions and show up to put in the work. 


click to learn more

Some of the other hardest lessons I’ve learned are to just ask for help, accept love and support from others, and listen to those who have what I want. (aka the experts who develop all our programs). I really had to learn the hard way that going at it alone, in my own way, did NOT work. And once I learned that, everything changed.

You don’t have to do it alone either. And you don’t have to figure it out yourself. When you’re ready, I’ll be here. 


Sneak Peek: “LET’S GET UP!” Cardio Dance Program Coming Soon (Grab details here)!

Are you ready to get up and dance? Join my waitlist (click here) then keep reading:

Let’s Get Up is the brand new workout program by my sister company (I help coach you through their programs) launching in April. This information is here to teach you about the program and what you can expect! If you’re ready to bring fun back into fitness + focus on loving yourself through the process… this program is for you!

1. What is Let’s Get Up?

Like nothing you’ve experienced before, Let’s Get Up is dance fitness that turns each workout into a celebration of self-confidence, body positivity, and joy 🙌 Whatever your motivation (losing weight, toning up, getting healthy, or showcasing those sweet dance moves on social media), Shaun T is going to deliver with choreography, inspiration, and fun.

The world is filled with confusing messages about dieting + body image; plus, we’re bombarded with negativity throughout our day – whether it’s the newsfeed, the news, or our own inner critic… so, now, more than ever, I want to focus on a program that will help create wellness while you feel good about yourself. I promise that you will never dread a Let’s Get Up workout; Shaun T will have you looking forward to getting up + getting it done!

For this program, all you’ll need are some light + medium dumbbells… and your dancing shoes 😉 (just kidding, you could totally do this program barefoot if that’s your thing)

Watch this short video for a sneak peek into the program:


2. What makes Let’s Get Up unique?

Oh my gosh, where do I start?! This program takes the joy and fun of dance and turns it into a real workout… and you’re going to get real results. 4 days a week, you’ll perform easy-to-follow dance moves. But easy-to-follow doesn’t mean it’s easy 😂 To elevate the workout + push your fitness to the next level, Shaun T throws in a quick hit of high-intensity, Insanity-style intervals, so you spike your heart rate! 

Oh, and because this is a total package program, there are 2 dumbbell resistance workouts each week – these are super fun because they are set to rhythm! You’ll get toned and build muscular endurance, while you feel like you are at a dance party.

The program features a super cool on-screen visual cue called Cameos – these help you see what’s coming next and get out of your head during the workout. The program features a variety of music – pop, hip-hop, swing, musical theatre, Latin, rock, and even island grooves. There are even tracks written in Spanish and French. Fun fact: Shaun T wrote + performed some of the music himself 🎤 

Now, this last fun feature might intimidate some of you with stage fright, but embrace stepping out of your comfort zone! At the end of each dance workout, you’ll have a final performance moment – perfect for showing off your new moves on social media. 

3. Who is Shaun T?

If you’ve never done a Shaun T workout, you are in for a treat! He has helped millions of people on their journey to get in the best shape of their lives, with some of the best fitness programs on the planet + his powerfully motivating style. You may have heard of Cize, Transform :20, Focus t25, Insanity, or Hip Hop Abs. Now, with his new program Let’s Get Up, he is promoting self-confidence, body positivity, and living your best life with joy and happiness. Think you can’t dance? Trust me, with his love of movement and his positive inspiration, you can’t help but get up and join in.

4. Let’s Get Up is perfect for…

💃 Anyone who wants a fun, feel-good workout. Trust me when I say, this is a workout that you will WANT to do. When you press play, you’ll break a sweat dancing to great music + relatable people. And when it’s over… you’ll feel amazing.

💃 People who want to get results without beating themselves up. You are going to get the results you want… and you never have to get on the floor. The dynamic dance workouts are intense but not intimidating and the dumbbell resistance workouts help shape + tone your whole body. Every workout has a modifier showing low-impact options, so it’s challenging but achievable, no matter your level of fitness. With Let’s Get Up, you’ll never feel like you didn’t do enough or you couldn’t keep up.

💃 Anyone who is feeling a fitness rut. If you’re dreading pressing play and tired of the same-old-same-old, Let’s Get Up is a 30-day program that is going to shake things up and have you falling back in love with the daily sweat.

💃 Shaun T fans! I mean, come on – nobody puts a smile on your face like Shaun T. He’s back with another breakthrough program that helps deliver the physical results you want, plus a mental transformation fueled by confidence, positivity, and joy.

💃 People ready to take things to the next level. Think dance isn’t your thing? I get it. I’ve got 3 calendars for you to choose from, so that you can move + groove with the traditional Let’s Get Up schedule, mix things up with a variety of Shaun T programs for a little less dancing, or take things to the next level with an insane Let’s Get Up mash-up.

5. What’s in your Let’s Get Up bundle?

🙌 16 unique dance workouts – you are going to dance, sweat, and celebrate 4x a week for 30-35 minutes a day.

🙌 4 resistance workouts – 2x a week, you will press play on 30-minute, total-body rhythmic resistance workouts using light to medium dumbbells to help boost your metabolism + sculpt lean, strong muscles. 

🙌 Dance Conditioning: Let’s Turn Up – start dancing with easy-to-follow moves that will get your feet ready and your heart pumped for the workouts to come.

🙌 Shareable Moments – each workout includes its own 3-minute Shareable Moment that celebrates the joy of dancing. You’ll learn a short, 30-second choreography that is inspired by the workout. Learn it, bust a move, and showcase your skills on tiktok or reels (or don’t 🤣 totally your call)

🙌 Bonus Rooftop Workout – the only way forward is up when you do this fun bonus workout with Shaun T + the cast!

🙌 Get Started Guide + workout calendar – get a quick overview of the program + the workouts, plus easy steps to get you started on BOD. The guide will also share more about your nutrition options (I can help here too!) + how to track your progress. You will get your 30 day workout calendar so you know what to do each day; You’ll also get 2 bonus calendars from me, so that you can find your Let’s Get Up groove. 

🙌 Quick Start Nutrition Guide – working out is half the battle! Smart nutrition choices will fuel your body and make you feel amazing. So, read through this new guide + learn all about our powerful nutrition programs + supplements that will help you reach your goals.

🙌 Get Started Video – Shaun T will introduce you to the program so you know what to look forward to; plus, you’ll learn his key steps for getting started.

🙌 Introduction to Nutrition Programs – you can’t outdance a bad workout, y’all! And depriving yourself of foods you love only leads to misery. Learn more about 2B Mindset + Ultimate Portion Fix, our 2 proven nutrition programs that will help you eat to feel good and still enjoy the things you love. 

🙌 Basics Video – this video breaks down how to use the Cameo + gives you tips for hearing the beat in the music so that you have everything you need to be successful from day 1.

🙌 Energize Moment – I am SO excited for this daily pep talk! Before every workout, we get to follow Shaun on his way to set as he sips his Energize + drops some serious inspo for the workout you’re about to do!

6. How does nutrition fit into Let’s Get Up?

For true health + happiness, you need to feel good – and that means you need to eat well. Your Let’s Get Up bundle includes both of our healthy eating programs; these programs are proven for the long-term and they won’t have you starving or depriving yourself of the foods you love. 

2B Mindset, created by a registered dietitian nutritionist, is a flexible approach to weight loss that lets you eat larger volumes of food to help you feel satisfied (physically + emotionally), with an approach to accountability that will keep you on-track every day.

Ultimate Portion Fix will give you control over food by managing portions with color-coded containers to help you create delicious, perfectly-portioned meals that align to your goals.

You’ll also get a 30-day free membership to Nutrition+, one of BOD’s best-kept secrets! This subscription provides you with new monthly recipes, meal plans, expert advice, and access to exclusive communities of people like you to keep you accountable, support you during tough days, and cheer you toward your goals. 

7. Picking Your Package: Majorly Discounted Bundles for New First-Time Customers. Get an additional $40 off when you sign up as a Preferred Customer (ask me for details)!


  1. Let’s Make a Change: Deluxe Challenge Pack
  • Shakeology (30-Day supply) + a Shakeology shaker cup
  • Energize (for before your workouts), Recover (for after your workouts) and a Let’s Get Up shaker cup

2. Let’s Get Up: Basic Shakeology Challenge Pack

  • Shakeology (30-Day Supply) + a Let’s Get Up shaker cup

3. Let’s Get Up: Basic Performance Challenge Pack

  • Energize (for before your workouts), Recover (for after your workouts), and a Let’s Get Up shaker cup

All 3 options for Let’s Get Up Challenge Packs Include:

  • Annual Beachbody on Demand Membership + VIP Early Access to Let’s Get Up
  • First 30 days of Nutrition+
  • 2B Mindset Nutrition program + tracker
  • Ultimate Portion Fix Nutrition program + portion fix containers
  • Access to 1:1 coaching + community support

8. Picking Your Package Special Bundles FOR MY CURRENT Customers

Let’s Make a Change: Deluxe Completion Pack

  • Shakeology (30-Day supply) + a Shakeology shaker cup
  • Energize (for before your workouts), Recover (for after your workouts) and a Let’s Get Up shaker cup

Let’s Get Up: Basic Shakeology Completion Pack

  • Shakeology (30-Day Supply) + a Let’s Get Up shaker cup


Let’s Get Up: Basic Performance Completion Pack

  • Energize (for before your workouts), Recover (for after your workouts), and a Let’s Get Up shaker cup

All Let’s Get Up Completion Packs Include:

  • VIP Early Access to Let’s Get Up
  • First 30 days of Nutrition+
  • 2B Mindset Nutrition program + tracker
  • Ultimate Portion Fix Nutrition program + portion fix containers
  • Access to 1:1 coaching + community support

9. Most Popular Add-Ons

Check out my absolute favorite add-ons!

While the amounts posted are the regular pricing, you just might get a discount adding these to your Let’s Get Up bundle 😉

see more about each item here: Bevvy , Beachbars , Hydrate , Collagen , Recharge , Foam Roller

Who else was counting down the days to “Let’s Get Up”? Well, it’s HERE! BUY NOW

Shaun T’s newest program releases for VIP Coach Members on April 19th and I cannot wait to put a dose of positive energy + sweaty cardio into my current routine! 

Let’s Get Up is a complete fitness program, combining dance, fitness and Shaun T’s inspiring leadership into six, sweat busting workouts a week! In 30 minutes or less, any person, with any fitness level, can get up, get moving and know they are in for a great workout! In addition to the workouts, this program brings a positivity and light that we could all benefit from adding to our day. Lastly, the program is equipment free so you can incorporate it easily in your routine, wherever you are! 

Let’s Get Up is available for Early Access on May 3rd for customers, but RIGHT NOW for any VIP Coach Members!

Join my waitlist (click here) to get more info and chat on how to get “Let’s Get Up” added to your workout library today!

5 Super Effective Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

We’ve all been there. The dishwasher is still full of clean dishes needing to be unloaded, you’re trying to get dinner prepped and cooked, but the one utensil or bowl you need is buried in the overflowing sink of dirty dishes….wanna know a little secret? How about five? 

It’s my five super simple but super effective ways to keep your kitchen CLEAN! I know right, sounds impossible. Especially when you’re cooking at home and trying to eat healthier. But it IS possible. I’ve been sharing these tips inside my Facebook community (click here to join us) all month long, and now gonna let you in on it!

Here are my 5 tips:

  1. Meal prep – If you aren’t already doing this, then here’s another incentive. Less messes to clean up throughout the week! With meal prep, you make one big mess. And then yeah you have to clean it up, but at least you do it all at once. For me, it’s the constant unloading and reloading the dishwasher, cleaning counters, washing dishes…every. single. night. That really got to me. Meal prep makes those nightly messes much more manageable. 
  1. Clean while you cook – There’s always those little things involved in cooking like waiting for water to boil, or veggies to cook or something to bake, or whatever it might be. Instead of just scrolling on your phone just watching (a watched pot never boils anyway 😆), or doing something else not useful – use those couple minutes here and there to clean up! Rinse out or even completely wash dishes, get them in the dishwasher, wipe up counter messes, put ingredients that you’re done with away. And by the time food is actually done and ready, your kitchen is basically clean. Not sure about you, but I’d much rather clean up while waiting on supper, than have to go back and do it when I’m done. THAT is when you can relax…and then you can scroll on your phone 
  1. Dishes done before bed – I know, crazy concept right. And yet why is it so hard?! There’s always like 1 or 2 random things that we leave behind or ‘just didn’t get to’ each night. And those can really start to add up over the week. So give yourself a pep talk and just get it done! Give yourself rewards if you need to. Do what you gotta do 🤷‍♀️ Good news it should be a whole lot easier to do if you already were cleaning while you were cooking. Huh…what a good idea. 😉 It’s so much more peaceful to go bed with a clean kitchen AND wake up to one in the morning. Instead of waking up on Saturday morning to a huge mess of nasty dishes that now you have to spend your whole morning cleaning…😭 I may have done that once or twice…
  1. Start with a clean slate – More specifically, start with a clean sink and dishwasher. Before you even start cooking, make sure your dishwasher is emptied and ready for dirty dishes, and your sink is cleaned out and ready for dirty pans and stuff to rinse and soak. This should be fairly easy if you followed tip #3. And then if you’re following tip #2, you can just put those dirty dishes straight into the dishwasher when you’re done with them, and wash anything else right away. So open up that dishwasher, fill that sink with hot soapy water, and get to it! You’ll be glad you did. 
  1. Use cups and bowls – Learned this one from Rachael Ray! Before you ever get started, whether it’s your weekly prep or nightly cooking, grab a BIG bowl for all your scraps. If you compost (good for you!), then have a separate bowl for that, and then bring over the garbage or another bowl for anything you can’t compost. This keeps the mess contained in one area and all you have to do is dump it all into the garbage or compost bin when you’re done! Much better instead of picking up all the scraps (and their messy residue) from your counter. 😏

And for those messy utensils you are using, grab a wide cup (or plate) to put them in to keep their messy residue off the counter. Better yet, put some warm water into the cup so it helps to get those utensils soaking and they are MUCH easier to clean! And the cup will be too. Throw everything right into that already clean and unloaded dishwasher 😉

Put all these tips together each week (and day) and I promise you will have a mess-free kitchen!

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Free Valentine’s Day Virtual Workout

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