21DFX Lunch – The Sweeter Sweet Potato

How do you like your sweet potatoes?  Baked fries?  Baked whole?  Roasted?  I learned (by total accident) that if I baked my sweet potatoes for about 45 minutes to an hour (when they start oozing the bubbliness out the slit at the top LOL) then cut a slit at the top and put back inContinue reading “21DFX Lunch – The Sweeter Sweet Potato”

I Stand Corrected. { a coffee revelation }

I stand corrected.  This tastes completely delicious!   For some time now, I’ve been somewhat curious about coconut oil and stevia in my coffee.  I’m pretty particular about my coffee being “creamy” and not black.  But I tell you what… today, I finally caved and placed both a half spoonful of evco and stevia  drops intoContinue reading “I Stand Corrected. { a coffee revelation }”

My New Favorite Fix-Friendly Salad Dressing.

I’ve met new favorite dressing today at lunch, y’all.   🙂 With my leftover pork loin from last night’s dinner, I made a blackberries & radish spinach salad topped with an orange lime vinaigrette.  Delicious!  I’ve always been a honey mustard fan, and this meets that craving for me without the added sugars and such ofContinue reading “My New Favorite Fix-Friendly Salad Dressing.”