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Introducing… Life Fit Friday Faves!

FREE fit tips, meal plans, picks, recipes, faith, motivation, & health hacks delivered to your inbox every other Friday You made it! Being part of The Living Life Fit's inner circle means that you'll be the first to hear about our best, our favorites, our real life insights into getting fit and staying fit, not to mention… Continue reading Introducing… Life Fit Friday Faves!

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How to Get Back on Track after Easter

So, this morning I woke up to a slightly more quiet house than expected since the kids are home for Easter break and have no school today (yay for no snow days this year)! And it suddenly occurred to me that we did an entire Easter weekend without candy and without complaints!  I started wondering… Continue reading How to Get Back on Track after Easter

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Always Never Changing: Ending the Saturday Morning Cycle

I know, because I've been you. I have spent hours looking up WOD's on Pinterest, staring at fitgirl photos on Instagram, privately promise "Monday, I will.." and you're like "YES! I am so motivated right now - I AM going to do this. Or you watch a workout video, get pumped up and say--- yes!!! This is exactly what I need... let's do this!! Then a few days pass and it is "well... you know, I'm just too busy today and I have way too much going on in my life right now" or "It isn't a good time for my husband/kids for me to change my routine" and then you go about your day doing the things that you do everyday..... Then maybe 3-4 days later decide you are all in again. Does this sound familiar?

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My Daily “For Sure”

I've been asked what supplements I take,  whether I eat 100% "clean" or paleo, GF or IIFYM, if I take Vitamin E's, B's, A's, probiotics or what... LOL... So, here goes... I drink a shake a day. One Shakeology a day is my "for sure" daily intake. ♡♡♡♡♡ I no longer buy all the extra… Continue reading My Daily “For Sure”

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Find Your Dress

You know how everyone tells you to find that one dress you want to fit into as a motivation? Well, how about a dress you WANT to shrink OUT of?? How about a dress that you remember buying when you were in your former greatest shape EVER, but NOW you want to SURPASS?? How about… Continue reading Find Your Dress

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"WHAT'S YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH PRACTICE?!" "YOU HAVE TO CREATE A STANDARD!!" Wow! When I saw this 10 minute video message, realizing that YES, it is applicable everywhere in life, but it is ESPECIALLY applicable in our business and service to others as Beachbody Coaches, it really served as a fire to present this opportunity to… Continue reading CREATING A STANDARD – Life FIT & Ballance