But, I don’t FEEL like it!

WITHOUT A PLAN, we can eat, live, spend money, and workout according to our EMOTIONS each day. I don’t know about you, but that leaves even my best intentions more  vulnerable to circumstances and uncontrollable variables. How many times have you heard or thought to yourself, “But, I don’t FEEL LIKE it,” before deciding whetherContinue reading “But, I don’t FEEL like it!”

This Summer, Do Something Different. {{ The 5 Day SNEAK PEEK + FitBiz Bootcamp }}

You’re Invited! I get so many questions about what I do as a coach. How do I earn commissions?  Do I have to sell LIKE a ton of stuff or keep products on hand? What’s the cost? Are there “REAL” success stories? Is there training available?  Can I be mentored? How can I build residual income?!?! Seriously… whenContinue reading “This Summer, Do Something Different. {{ The 5 Day SNEAK PEEK + FitBiz Bootcamp }}”


“WHAT’S YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH PRACTICE?!” “YOU HAVE TO CREATE A STANDARD!!” Wow! When I saw this 10 minute video message, realizing that YES, it is applicable everywhere in life, but it is ESPECIALLY applicable in our business and service to others as Beachbody Coaches, it really served as a fire to present this opportunity toContinue reading “CREATING A STANDARD – Life FIT & Ballance”