The First 30 lbs – How I Did It { Nutritionally Speaking }


wpid-fb_img_1423228754809.jpgNutrition since starting with Beachbody and Shakeology has become so much easier for me.  Working out definitely is a huge component, but I believe building a lifestyle of good nutrition and eating habits is 80% of the groundwork necessary to lose weight AND maintain it in a healthy way.  These are the Beachbody products and systems I use regularly to get it done, and I absolutely recommend to everyone trying to lose weight.

Coach Angel Ballance – SEE My transformation to date


Shakeology has literally changed my life and how I lose weight naturally and healthfully.  I stopped buying probiotic pills and endless supplements, because everything I was looking for is all in Shakeology for me.  The probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants, enzymes, and MORE!  When I sat down to do the math, I realized that I was actually saving money each month as well as getting a much more quality product by drinking Shakeology every day.

Then, to save 25% on each month’s order, once I knew I loved it, I signed up for the coach discounts.  Anyone can take advantage of this deal – whether you are interested in the business opportunityof actively “coaching”  – or you merely want to save money on your monthly Shakeology orders.  And Beachbody now offers an extra incentive for military (their spouse, too) – Ask me about it.

You can use Shakeology as a recovery and/or meal replacement to help you optimize your fitness results, gain more energy throughout your day, curb your food cravings, improve your digestion, and lose weight.

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Beachbody Portion Fix (also known as the Portion Fix system included with the 21 Day Fix programs)

portion fixThis is the portion control system and eating guide that completely changed how I looked and felt about eating food.  I’m now able to eat without starving myself or feeling hungry and deprived all the time.

I can eat knowing that my calories and macros are all perfectly balanced to support my weight loss, health, and fitness efforts.  Each meal actually helps me lose weight easier and faster than I ever was able to do before on my own.

I first tried this system while doing the 21 Day Fix, but now I also use and recommend it to every customer and friend, no matter what workout program we are following.


Forget the calorie counting and food scales. With the Portion Fix, there’s no complicated math, guessing, or weighing—only simple portion control that anyone can do.

Each container corresponds to an essential food and macronutrient group and is specially designed to deliver just the right amount of food. You’ll never have to “eyeball” your portions again—if it fits in the container, you can eat it!

You’ll even learn how to incorporate dessert and wine into your lifestyle—the right way—so you get the best results without giving up the foods you love!

The best part? You can use Portion Fix to feel better, look better, and help improve your performance while doing ANY Beachbody® program!

BEYOND the BASICS of my journey, I’ve recently started utilizing the 3 Day REFRESH periodically.

3 Day Refresh

3 day refreshThis one is totally optional, but can be super effective as well.  At the very least, you may just learn something about understanding your cravings and how to be more kind to your digestive system.  The 3 Day refresh can be used to either kickstart your weightloss at the beginning of a new fitness program, or every 3-4 months as a way to help free your body from bloating.  

The 3-Day Refresh is available as a Complete Kit or as a Challenge Pack (includes a 30 day supply of Shakeology).

Designed to fast-track your weight loss by detoxifying and cleansing your system while helping you replace bad eating habits with good ones.

In just 3 short days, you can get your health, energy, and vitality back on track—all without starving. You’ll conquer your cravings. Get a flatter belly. Feel lighter and more energized. And your clothes will fit better.


In just 3 days you’ll feel lighter and healthier, without starving. In 30 days, by continuing with your Shakeology, you’ll feel like a whole new you.

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