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-Motivation, Meal Plans, & Mindset Renewal
– Support, Accountability, and Recognition

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What is a CHALLENGE GROUP? What’s included? What do I get?

I have tried so many different pills, cleanses, fad diets, and “DIY” workouts.

I thought I would never be able to lose weight and get fit.

My perspective changed when I discovered these programs …and I decided to become a health and fitness coach to pay it forward to mamas like me looking for the same kind of total package solutions that could be done from home or anywhere ;-).

But first — let me tell you ….
I remember watching an infomercial for a program called P90X years ago and asking hubby to join in — to which he declined. I felt hopeless and was looking for a solution. These programs I was seeing infomercials for by Beachbody all showed peopled who had gotten real results — so I KNEW I had to try something REAL like they did to succeed and make it stick.

I was a stressed out mom, repeatedly self-conscious about and covering up my bulging midsection, frustrated with my body, and that I had quickly put the pounds back on that I lost after giving birth to my third child. My husband and I were robbing Peter to pay Paul with bills…so gym membership was always not an option in my mind.
So there I was…. Unhappy. Lacking confidence. Stressed. Tired. Overweight. Waiting for something – anything – to work for me. Sound Familiar?

Fast forward a few years, and wouldn’t you know I crossed paths with a new neighbor who recommended I start with PiYo with her a few friends– for 5am workouts. 5AM?! *gasp* — okay, sure, I’ll give it a try — and then I had it in the back of my mind I’d go once to be polite, then quit because I just knew I’d never stick to it and I honestly didn’t want to feel pressured into buying anything. She added me to an online accountability group, and I thought, okay, I’ll just check this out for a bit and gain some info for me to use later — you know, when I quit this thing. LOL

Before & Today

Here’s the Crazy Part: I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

30 days into the fitness part of the program, I tried Shakeology -using the coach discount membership – still hesitant and thinking I’ll quit this later, too, but, heck — atleast there is a money back guarantee — HA!!

With the accountability of the group and my coach-friend, the 60 Day program took me from barely doing a push up on my knees to full-out tricep pushups on my toes! on my toes!! I was getting stronger and leaner — dropping 15lbs in just 8 weeks!!

My first 8 weeks following my program

The Accountability Group was EXACTLY what I was missing.
The Accountability Group is what I am offering to you.

And the best part, my coaching is completely complimentary (that means FREE) to you!

So what is it exactly?

A challenge group is a closed online group where no one but the members of the group can see what is being posted. We will start the first week with our Monday mindset video plus everything you need to know to get started right! How to navigate the nutrition plan, how to plan out your workouts, how to make yourself a priority, what should be on your grocery list, snack ideas, recipes and more!

Week 2 starts your official workouts and nutrition plan together. For the next 4 weeks I will provide you with videos, tutorials, tips, tricks, recipes, meal planning and accountability. You will check into the app based program on your phone or ipad daily to see my daily information and to log your workout, nutrition and Shakeology. This is a safe place for you to share any days that are really hard, moments where you want to reach for something that isn’t on the plan and of course celebrate all of the victories that come your way! The goal is to give you constant support so that you can change your habits and create new ones.

For me personally this was the game changer. Anyone can go to the gym, anyone can get on the treadmill, anyone can lift weights. But, it is what you do outside of the gym, the things you tell yourself in private, the food choices you make that are either going to cancel out that workout or bring you closer to the goal. Let me be your support system along the way.

> This experience, the unparalleled group support and the weekly accountability is NO additional cost, and is why you will see results FASTER.


  • Challenge Pack of your choice with a balanced nutrition eating guide, Beachbody on Demand (Annual ALL Access to hundreds of workout programs and cooking show), and your first month of Shakeology superfoods in the flavor(s) of your choice.
  • You’ll also have an option to upgrade (not required) for full nutrition program of your choice with enhanced monthly support and bonus recipes from the nutrition experts & trainers themselves.

Online with me as your coach:

  • Goal Setting, Accountability, & Mindset Motivation every week
  • Guidance through your fitness & nutrition program
  • Complete, ongoing group coaching in my exclusive Virtual Fit Club
  • Lifetime Access to my life fit collective facebook community
  • 1:1 Coaching to Getting Started Right & Making it a Lifestyle
  • Weekly meal plans with recipes & grocery shopping list included
  • 1 month FREE access to attend all my virtual fitness classes

Are you ready to start your FIT and “no-more-fad-diets” lifestyle change? Are you ready to reveal the healthy/fit/amazing inner you, that you just KNOW is waiting to break through and finally BE FREE of the endless on again, off again cycles of defeat?!

Join me for my next fit club experience!

So how do you get started? Let’s do this! Take these steps to get started or simply fill out the form below and I will reach out to you!

1. Fill out the form below so that I can chat with you about what program would best meet your needs.  I will need to be your coach ;-).  If you are already working with a coach, please kindly honor your relationship with them by asking to work together on your goals.  If you do not have a coach already… I’m your girl!

2. You must be willing to commit to a fitness program from start to finish for the duration of the program. I will make sure that the workout we choose meets your ability level, your lifestyle, and your preference for type of workout.

3. You must be willing to follow the nutrition plan that comes with your program & replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology – OR –  Beachbody Performance pre and post workout supplements. As you know from my story, the nutrition plan is essential to your results. Without proper nutrition your body cannot maximize results, have energy to get through the day or sustain the results. Our goal is to make your journey with me the start of a lasting life transformation.

4. You must be willing to check into the online support and accountability group daily to log and monitor your progress.  Accountability is such a crucial part of staying consistent and completing your program, being supported by others on the same journey as you and with common goals and intentions.

Does this sound like something you can do??

It’s time to start thinking about your transformation! It is time to stop beating yourself up over missed goals or lack of progress or the extra cookies and ice cream you have been over eating! It is time to take ownership of your actions and put a plan in place. It doesn’t have to be extreme and I am going to customize it to meet your needs. But, you really do have to get started now!

Let’s get ready to rock and roll with one of my Virtual/Online Health & Fitness Challenge Groups.

Space is limited so don’t delay in reserving your spot.

Complete the application below and I will contact you within 24 hours with all the details to join.

Let’s make this an EPIC year of ultimate health, fitness and overall wellness!

That’s it! Can’t wait to get going!

Looking forward to working with you!
– Angel

PSSST…. Not quite ready?

I get it.  Let’s stay in touch!  Head over to my like page on Facebook to stay in the loop for all upcoming challenges in my free community and let’s be virtual fit friends 😉 .

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