LifeFit Mama Meal Plan – 22MHC Wk2 – Fall Edition

Its MEAL PLAN MONDAY ! So, every week – somewhere between Sunday and Monday – I’m grab my laptop, eating guides, and Pinterest to look up recipes for me and my family to eat on through the week.  This is a huge part of my success in not only getting results but also maintaining results from the fitness programs… Read More LifeFit Mama Meal Plan – 22MHC Wk2 – Fall Edition

Meal Planning Tips (my YouTube Collection)

Collection of my YouTube videos helping with your Meal Planning endeavors.  My personal approach! How to Get Started. 21dfx using the containers.  Keep it interesting and build a library of eating guides nutrituon plans for meal ideas with nutrition info included. Access Team Beachbody FREE tools , recipes, more Hope these are all… Read More Meal Planning Tips (my YouTube Collection)