Tuesday June 1

We are so excited to welcome you to our Squeeze the Day Fit Club! Before we jump right in, here’s what you can expect this month.

🍋 Mondays will help us squeeze the day as we set big goals!
🍋 I’m super pumped for Off-Topic Tuesdays!

🍋 We’ll talk all about what to do when life gives you lemons on Wednesdays.

🍋 Thursdays will be all about a slice of life.

🍋 We’ve got fresh fruit flavors every Friday.

🍋 On Saturdays, we’ll sweat it out.

🍋 And on Sundays, we’re going to bring that zest for life!

Now, we are all here for a similar reason – accountability, community and goal-setting to name a few! 

But let’s see how we connect on OTHER things. Tuesdays are going to go “Off-Topic” this month and I personally can’t wait to learn and share all month long!

First up, social media! We all use it on some level, but what do we really understand about it? A new TED Talk from Qiuqing Tai looks at the rise of popular apps TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat and how we are taking in smaller and smaller bits of content every day!

Squeeze ‘n Share

Watch the TED talk above and share your reaction! How do you use social media now? What is a positive change you can make to have social media better serve you?

Wednesday June 2

Did you know that optimism can be learned? We’ve all heard the phrase, “When life gives you lemons…” but can we actually teach ourselves to “make lemonade”? Research seems to suggest – YES!

Each week, we are going to explore another way to rethink our situations, look for the silver lining and choose optimism!

First, visualization! Visualizing is an amazing practice to support goal setting, encouragement and finding the light at the end of a tunnel you may feel stuck in. Picture your life in 10 years – what do you see? Who is around you? How does it feel?

Now, write it all down! Once a week, plan a visualization session where you focus on your best possible self in one single domain. This is important! Picturing and then listing ALL the things you want out of life can feel like too much to be optimistic about. But, focusing on one single area (think family, career, relationships, or health) for one or two months at a time can do wonders! You will start training your brain to look ahead and better manage the bumps in the road that may arise right in front of you.

Squeeze ‘n Share

Try this 5 minute exercise today! Choose the area of your life to focus on. Once you have your focus, start your timer and begin drawing + writing out what you see for yourself. Be specific; add all the details you are visualizing for that domain!

Thursday June 3

Each Thursday, we are going to do a photo challenge to share a slice of our life! Photo challenges are a simple way to share more about you on social media and a great conversation starter with friends as one word can be interpreted in so many ways!

Here is the full month plan if you want to share on your own social media platform or challenge a group of family or friends! But for us, we are only going to share one word each week.

Ready?! 😍

This week’s word is golden. Find a photo in your camera roll or take a new pic today that fits our challenge word of the day!

Squeeze ‘n Share

Post your photo and share how it fits our word of the day: golden!

Friday June 4

Who is ready for that summer fresh fruit 😋 I’m so pumped to give you some of my absolute fav recipes featuring fresh fruit flavors! 

Up first: Elevated Mango Lemon Energize 🍋 because when life gives you Lemon Energize, you should blend it up and crush your day!


– 1 cup water

– 1 cup ice

– 1 scoop BB Performance Lemon Energize

– ½ cup mango (fresh or frozen)


1. Place water, ice, Energize, and mango in the blender; cover and blend until smooth.

Portion Fix Containers: 1 Purple

2B Mindset Plate It: This recipe makes a good pre-workout snacktional. Be sure to track!

Squeeze ‘n Share

What is your go-to performance line product? How do you prep it?

Saturday June 5

Have y’all heard about our new program coming soon?! Ok, here’s a quick intro: 645 combines strength training, cardio, and mobility work using functional, powerful moves that target your entire body, while leaving you feeling invigorated, energized, and ready for anything 🙌 Amoila Cesar is going to bring it for 13 weeks + you’re going to build a legit fit body (without feeling constantly sore and exhausted).

So, I thought it would be super fun to spend our Sweat it Out Saturdays focused on some of the principles of this new program (because it’s going to be a fast favorite for so many of us).

Principle 1: Every workout session starts with a 10 minute total-body warm-up that activates your muscles + readies them for the hard work to come.

Your challenge today (or sometime this week if you’ve pressed play before reading this), is to add Cold Start, from 22 Minute Hard Corps on before your workout – it’s designed as a 10 minute warm-up that will increase your heart rate, warm up your muscles + joints, and prepare you mentally and physically for your workout! Just search Cold Start on BOD! 

Squeeze ‘n Share

What did you think about the 10 minute Cold Start? Did it change your workout?

Sunday June 6

Zest is defined as keen, complete enjoyment of something! In an effort to squeeze every bit of positivity, perseverance and purpose out of our weeks this month, we’re going to challenge ourselves each Sunday to find the zest of our days!

I want you to picture your morning.

As a child, your morning probably looked a lot different than it does now. Remember not wanting to go to bed because you wanted to watch and learn and play MORE? Remember springing out of bed in the morning because you could not wait to start your day?

Not what you see so much now, right? Work deadlines, bills past due, late night homework, trying to fit in a workout, hitting snooze on the alarm, working on autopilot until that first cup of coffee…

That picture you have as a child? That excitement and joy is your ZEST. So let’s try to add some back in this week!

Squeeze ‘n Share

Let’s build a more zestful morning routine! Try setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier than you MUST get up. Then, set your alarm clock on the other side of the room from your bed so you must physically stand up and walk to turn it off. Finally, don’t go back to bed! Use those 15, non-snoozed minutes for something that brings you JOY! Sit outside, read, stretch, add a face mask to your morning routine. Even something small for you to look forward to will leave a big impact and those moments to yourself are priceless!

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