Military Discount


What is the Military Waiver Program?

For new or existing Coaches that are: 1) Active United States military members, this program will waive the monthly Coach Business Service Fee (BSF) for a period of 2 years, or until the end date of the orders submitted (whichever comes first), or 2) Confirmed veterans, this program will waive the monthly Coach Business Service Fee (BSF) indefinitely, so long as the requirements to maintain the waiver stated below are met or until Beachbody decides to terminate the program. In addition, brand new Coaches who qualify for the active military or veterans waiver will receive a refund of their Coach Business Starter Kit (BSK) fee.

Who can apply for the Military Waiver Program?

1) Active duty military service members

2) Military service members wounded in action

3) Honorably discharged military veterans

4) The spouse or domestic partner of: an active duty service member, a military service member wounded in action, or a military service member lost or killed in action.

military 1

Veterans: Submit a copy of the Coach’s DD214 or other applicable documentation from an official agency (Veteran’s Administration)

Wounded in action & spouses of service members lost in action:

Contact Compliance at or (310) 295-5760 for eligibility requirements.

Approved Status Documents & Required Coach Information

Approved Veterans Status Document DD214

Approved Military Active Status Documents

Current active duty orders

LES – Leave & Earnings


BIR – Basic Information Report Proof of Service Letter from Personnel Note: Military personal ID cards cannot and will not be accepted as proof of eligibility for this program.

backtobasics hard corps

Required Coach Information

All of the following must be included on the military active status document:

Applicant or spouse’s full name

Social Security number (SSN)*

Date of birth

Date active duty service started

Date active service was extended

Date of separation

* Include the SSN of the person enrolling as a Coach regardless of whose military status is being used.

If a Coach is approved as active military, does that mean they are automatically approved as a veteran? No. Once a Coach is no longer an active military member, he/she must submit documentation confirming their veteran status. If no veteran documentation is received then the Coach account will be charged the BSF fee accordingly. The veterans waiver is applicable only to the veteran Coach, not a veteran’s spouse.

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