Back to School Season is Here… and so are my tips for tackling the schedule changes!

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My Tips to Tackle the Back to School, Back to Your Fitness Routine

It’s back to school season! Or as I like say ‘almost pumpkin season.’ 🤭 I do love white pumpkins and fall leaves all around my home come this time of year.

I know you’re probably just now wrapping your mind around school schedules, morning routines, after school routines, homework, bedtimes, activities…the list goes on. And even if you’re not a parent or teacher, this time of year still seems to be a time of transition for most people. 

So if you feel your health and fitness slipping even further out of control too, here’s my top tips to help you get back on track! 

1. Get accountability.

If no one is holding you accountable, then it’s way too easy to give up. Because no one will even know you quit besides you. And unfortunately, we usually tend to care less about letting ourselves down than we do about letting others down. So, make sure you share your goals with at least one other trusted person who you know will check in on you and hold you accountable to following through.

2. Set reasonable goals.

Goals, goals, goals. We hear it all the same. And goals are great. But the wrong kind of goal can only make things worse for you. Aim too low and you’re missing your true potential. Aim too high and you’re setting yourself up failure. Make sure to set a Goldilocks goal, one that is just right. It should push you and challenge you but it shouldn’t be unattainable.

3. Have a plan. 

You may have heard a goal without a plan is just a wish. So when you come up with your reasonable goals, now what? You’ve gotta have a plan to get there. What workouts will you do? And how often? How will you manage your nutrition? Do you have a nutrition plan to follow? Make a plan and stick to it. 

4. Start slowly.

If you haven’t really been watching what you eat or working out at all, then starting a strict diet and intense workout regime right away will only frustrate and exhaust you (and be really bad for your body). Ease into things and work your way up. Pick a couple things to work on each week and before you know it you’ll be a pro! 

5. Give yourself grace.

This is hard to do, but accept that you will have set backs, and that you’re not perfect. None of us are. And don’t compare yourself to those who seem to be. Everyone was once a beginner. So give yourself grace to make mistakes and forgive yourself so you don’t get stuck in guilt and shame, and can instead keep moving forward. 

And perhaps the biggest motivation of all is the fact that God has created a life for you that he wants you to enjoy and live to the fullest. So let’s honor that body and life by taking care of it. 

“Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” – 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

If you’re feeling inspired to get back on track, then I’ve got good news. The theme for my Fit Club monthly membership this Fall is Back Into Place “Get Back Into Routine” Bootcamp! 

The sun has set on summer fun and it’s time to get back on track! We’re about to head into the busiest time of year (the holidays!) so let’s start by dialing in on our health & wellness! That means freshening up fitness goals, making nutrition a priority but NOT a burden, making our mindset more than just a buzzword, and re-establish habits that help us be the healthiest WHOLE version of ourselves! 

And guess what…we’ve got all the tips above covered. The accountability, the goal setting, a plan with tools and resources to match, plus soul-care all along the way to make sure you actually feel good emotionally, spiritually, and mentally too. Sound like something you need in your life right now?! I know it made all the difference for me.

Coming back from our WARRIOR debut at a major conference in Dallas, I have taken a few days to reacclimate to the new school schedules, my teaching schedules, and finally… my own personal fitness routine!! It takes a minute to find your footing again – I get it! How I got back on track with my own health & fitness is by picking back up my tried and true health habits and at-home solutions that have helped me create a simple and sustainable lifestyle over and over again. Yes, the gym is an awesome place to meet up and sweat…. but the home is where real life happens and I’ve found that it’s the one place that impacts whether or not I actually follow through with my intentions for fitness and nutrition. So, it’s my first place to get right and get set up for success. Before I even TRY to commit myself to a workout routine, I need to have a healthy home life routine.

If you’re ready to stop trying to do it all yourself and take your health more seriously, then this is your sign to jump in to my bootcamp with us and let me coach you!

You get to mix and match:

(1) my LIVE classes, on demand digital classes, or pick a pre-designed 4-8 week workout program specific to your goals,

(2) my recommended nutrition programs for emotional eating, weightloss, muscle gain with on demand meal plans, or basic complimentary meal plans

(3) my recommended supplements for overall health & nutrition support, or to improve your performance. From energy and mental focus, digestion and cravings, muscle soreness and exercise endurance, so you get the most out of your workouts and fitness efforts amidst regular everyday busy life.

Email or send me a DM and we can chat! 💌

In Sweat & Faith,


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