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Made to Crave – FOOD FREEDOM Group

CRAVE, BINGE, GAIN, STRESS, CRAVE,... What's really going on here? Do you ever step on the scale and beat yourself up? Do you ever feel guilty about food choices? Do you ever stress about the food that will be at an outing and if you can trust yourself to stay away? Do you ever think… Continue reading Made to Crave – FOOD FREEDOM Group

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Make me “Fit”

When God gave me the name "Life Fit" it was during a time I had a great desire to create a space that people could begin to see and apply God's Word to their health and fitness goals. I was kinda tired of only seeing images and messages that left women feeling less than or… Continue reading Make me “Fit”

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5 Steps to Multiply (Increase) Your Fitness Results BY FAITH // plus join my free faith for fitness fb group

I recorded this video LIVE inside my FREE Faith for Fitness online community facebook group ... The first few minutes are me talking about upcoming events and such with th egroup --- so FAST FORWARD to minute 14:17 to start hearing my 5 Steps to Increase Fitness Results by FAITH - using the principle of… Continue reading 5 Steps to Multiply (Increase) Your Fitness Results BY FAITH // plus join my free faith for fitness fb group

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I lost 45+lbs and then stopped

I lost 45+lbs to hit my goal dress size ...and I've lost none since💋. I mean, ive maintained my goal dress size happily & gained incredible strength, flexibility... but my focus shifted from weight loss to maintenance and just treating my body well some time ago. For good reasons!! I decided to work even more… Continue reading I lost 45+lbs and then stopped

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I was ashamed of my body in photos – everything changed when I did this.

Maybe you saw this pic before but I want to tell you something I didnt tell you before when I first posted it. . I hear alllll the time "I can't afford it right now" and I GET IT mama cuz I've been there... but... what I really had to ask myself when week after… Continue reading I was ashamed of my body in photos – everything changed when I did this.

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Lemonade Popsicles & Summer Wellness

A new month is just about here and I am so excited to invite you to join The Summer Wellness Club! In our June support and accountability community, you’ll find wellness tips for staying healthy in body and mind throughout the summer, some tasty (and healthy) summer treats, insights into some of the best seasonal… Continue reading Lemonade Popsicles & Summer Wellness

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Deciding Your Day = Creating Your Life

“Mama, why are you aways so dancey and energetic?” . That’s a legit thing in my house 🤣…. Especially my 10 yr old when she's in her quiet mood in the mornings. My kids often will hear me tell them that things like happiness, kindness, and joy are a CHOICE we make - no matter… Continue reading Deciding Your Day = Creating Your Life

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The Ultimate Portion Fix

A premium Nutrition Program created by Autumn Calabrese. Whether you are new to the portion control container system or you’ve been using them for a while now, you’re in for a huge treat (oh and you can totally have treats on this plan!). We take the Portion Fix to whole new level including getting the… Continue reading The Ultimate Portion Fix

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3 Tips to Beat Food Temptations

We've all been there --- we go out to eat and the friends are like, "Let's all get a brownie a la mode and share it!" OR the well meaning friend in the office pushes a cupcake into your hand, right after you've promised yourself you're sticking to your meal plan FOR REAL this time.… Continue reading 3 Tips to Beat Food Temptations

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Live Like That Now

If you want something different only you can make that decision and start the process of getting there. No one is holding you back except yourself! See it. Grab hold of it within your heart. Run towards it in all you do and with all your might. Make it such an actively compelling image within… Continue reading Live Like That Now

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“I don’t have time to eat healthy.” CAR CHAT

It's not always about how much time we need, but how we honor the time we have with the tools and resources already at our disposal. Just a little car chat for ya as you're wrapping your brain around returning to your normal routine after this Thanksgiving break and think about how to start your… Continue reading “I don’t have time to eat healthy.” CAR CHAT