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Made to Crave – FOOD FREEDOM Group

CRAVE, BINGE, GAIN, STRESS, CRAVE,... What's really going on here? Do you ever step on the scale and beat yourself up? Do you ever feel guilty about food choices? Do you ever stress about the food that will be at an outing and if you can trust yourself to stay away? Do you ever think… Continue reading Made to Crave – FOOD FREEDOM Group

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Make me “Fit”

When God gave me the name "Life Fit" it was during a time I had a great desire to create a space that people could begin to see and apply God's Word to their health and fitness goals. I was kinda tired of only seeing images and messages that left women feeling less than or… Continue reading Make me “Fit”

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5 Steps to Multiply (Increase) Your Fitness Results BY FAITH // plus join my free faith for fitness fb group

I recorded this video LIVE inside my FREE Faith for Fitness online community facebook group ... The first few minutes are me talking about upcoming events and such with th egroup --- so FAST FORWARD to minute 14:17 to start hearing my 5 Steps to Increase Fitness Results by FAITH - using the principle of… Continue reading 5 Steps to Multiply (Increase) Your Fitness Results BY FAITH // plus join my free faith for fitness fb group

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Honeydew Berry Popscicles

ICYMI: Alara (our youngest daughter) is quite the joiner and anticipates the challenge each year.  We encourage her to choose 3 snacks from the recipe booklet for each week that she would like to try, and then we coach her through preparing them at home.  Sometimes we take pictures and/or videos of her snacks, and here is one of her snacks prepared for the challenge ;-). 

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100 Days to Brave – Day 17 – Dig Into the Word for Yourself

"How can she be so lit up from the inside out and on fire about the Bible, and it seem like such a chore or boring task to you - something you know you "should" do, or "have" to do??" Welp... y'all... Annie apparently used to feel the same way! Today's devo was so encouraging to read.... join me? 100 Days to Brave - Day 17 - Dig Into the Word for Yourself

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How We Plan Meals Every Week

In case ya missed it, on Facebook last month, I shared a quick run down of how Donald and I approach planning meals for the week (yes, every week) before hitting the grocery store and definitely before diving into any recipe sites SO YOU SAVE THE MOOLAH (and your sanity)!  Keep it simple, keep it smart, y'all. 


Healthy Mac & Cheese

As mamas, we are always looking for healthier ways to serve up kid favorites. So, when I discovered a recipe for healthy Macaroni and Cheese, I decided to dress it up a bit and make it something the kids would love AND I would still approve (and enjoy myself)! The result? A bacon topped 3… Continue reading Healthy Mac & Cheese

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100 Days to Brave 0 Day 15 – Ask the Hard Questions

Call to me and I will answer you. I’ll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own. - Jeremiah 33:3 MSG "Sometimes we avoid asking God things because we fear what the answer will be." - Annie F Downs, 100 Days to Brave And the rest of those… Continue reading 100 Days to Brave 0 Day 15 – Ask the Hard Questions

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10 Pumpkin Shakeology Recipes

It's Fall!!  Sometimes we really want a sweet pumpkin treat, and pairing it together  with Shakeology is not only nutrient dense (helping satisfy our body's cravings in a more fulfilling and meaningful way) but also so delicious!  Check out these scrumptious pumpkin recipes!  (Note:  anywhere you see Pumpkin Spice Shakeology, you are able to substitute Vanilla Shakeology… Continue reading 10 Pumpkin Shakeology Recipes