Angel’s LIVE Classes!

Here is my local live class schedule for the Dallas, Texas area. Come sweat and lift each other up with me! Email if you have questions about the class formats. 😉 Check back often!!


Piyo is a rhythmic, dynamic workout with a mix of athletic, yoga, pilates, and power that stays moving! Upbeat, faster paced, this ain’t your mama’s yoga/pilates… far from it! We get your heart rate up with brief bursts of high intensity but low impact moves put together specifically for flexibility, strength, balance, endurance, and fat burn. Not to mention fun!!


Angel’s PIYO LIVE Classes:


  • 8:30 AM Frisco/McKinney (Eldorado/Custer) / Texas Family Fitness
  • 5:30 PM The Colony (Main/121) / Texas Family Fitness


  • 6:30 PM Frisco/Little Elm (Hwy423/Main) / Texas Family Fitness


  • 10:30 AM West Plano (Spring Creek Pkwy/Coit) / Texas Family Fitness


  • 10:30 AM East Plano (Alma/W. Parker) / Texas Family Fitness

Turbo Kick LIVE

Turbo Kick is my personal cure to actually enjoying cardio! Modified cardio kickboxing with a splash of athleticism and attitude with HIIT (high intensity interval training) set to hot trendy music that moves to the beat and almost feels like you’re dancing with punches, kicks, squats, burpees, and killer core work!! Turbo is my party hour with you! You gotta experience it to know what the hype is all about!


Angel’s Turbo Kick LIVE Classes:


  • 5:30 PM. The Colony / Texas Family Fitness


  • 9:30 AM Frisco-McKinney / Texas Family Fitness


  • 8:30 AM Frisco/LittleElm (Hwy 423/Main) / Texas Family Fitness


  • 9:30 AM E. Plano (off W. Parker Rd) / Texas Family Fitness


Inspired by the same science of muscle confusion that first made the home version of this popular workout format so effective, P90X LIVE delivers a total body workout with smart and effective combinations of cardio, lower body strength,upper body strength, and core work. This class is for everybody looking to get the most bang for their buck out of their daily workout time, and is customizable for every fitness level. We get our hearts racing, then we lift the weights, then we get focused on our core, all while encouraging one another through every rep to “do your best and forget the rest.”


Angel’s P90X LIVE Classes:


  • 10:30 AM Plano West (Spring Creek Pkwy/Coit)/ Texas Family Fitness
  • 6:30 PM The Colony (Main/121) /  Texas Family Fitness
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Let’s sweat together soon!


P.S. Unable to make it to the gym? Check out my online workouts solution!

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