WARRIOR Strength

WARRIOR Strength is a 60-minute class broken into two 30-minute sections. Cardio Countdown is all about maximal caloric expenditure in a short amount of time with an emphasis on cardiovascular conditioning. Get Pumped is your strength-based section that will tighten, tone, lengthen, and sculpt your muscles!


Ever wish you loved yoga? WARRIOR Rhythm is the bridge between classic group exercise and traditional yoga. With its rebel vibe, edgy playlists, and unconventionally sweaty flows this format will rock your world! We intertwine mindfulness, yoga, weightlifting, and even HIIT training into an extraordinary experience.


WARRIOR Combat is boxing inspired, powerful, and fierce. It is for everybody and every BODY. WARRIOR Combat has two 30-minute sections. FIGHT CLUB includes timed intervals and FIGHT NIGHT moves to music. Both sections include boxing combinations, HIIT training, total body conditioning, and strength. Have a set of dumbbells handy and get ready to feel like a confident rockstar!

WARRIOR Revolution

Musicality meets cycling with energetic, diverse playlists that feel like a dance party on a bike! WARRIOR Revolution’s intelligent programming is guaranteed to motivate you through rolling hills, flats, and climbs. This low-impact class can be as intense as you want!

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