Become a WARRIOR Rhythm Instructor

Fitness Instructor friends! Become a Warrior Rhythm Instructor BLACK FRIDAY SALE!! 🎉🎁 50% off now through 11/29 with my Black Friday promo link below.

If you’re reading this and it’s after 11/29/2020, scroll down to see how you can still save 10% .

If you’re looking for a new format that mixes weight lifting, cardio, & yoga… or just for some CEUs to round out the year… Might I tempt you to consider WARRIOR Rhythm™ ?

I’ve been teaching it for several months now, and with 6 rounds already created, you’re well taken care of in the choreography department right off the bat! More and more, I’m loving teaching this class, and the feedback I’ve gotten from both virtual and in person participants has been so positive!

Whether you are teaching in the gym or online, this fusion style class is so versatile and unique, a combination of grit and grace, and with variations for every fitness level. And with the times we live in, the training is provided to you online so that you can take it at your own pace from home. Don’t forget to save with my promo link below to get the Black Friday sale price. 😉

Sign up for certification course by end of Sunday and get 50% off!!

Become a Warrior Rhythm Instructor here:

I love our growing community of instructors, our fierce & humble leader Ellen, and would be so happy to see you join us! Please click that “share” button below if you know an instructor who you’d like to see teach this class, and help us share this wonderful format with your circle of fitness friends, too!

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After 11/29? Sign up with my 10% discount link here:

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