What is LifeFit ?

Life “fit” is really about life balance & life purpose; about being your best physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

It’s about conquering fear and pursuing passion – a passion for living a life intentionally and with a particular motivation in mind, a life giving value to those around us and leaving a legacy worth passing on for generations, a life fit for use and inspiring change in the lives of people, bringing a message of faith and fitness together (2 Cor. 2: 15-17 TM, AMP) (Prov 31:17, 20 AMP).

I’d like to share with you this short video with some Words directly from my heart as to where Life Fit was birthed….

The “Ballance” part is… well, us!  

Fit n Funky  Beachbody Super Sunday Jul 2015 - Images By Zodie Photography 367-L ANGEL AND DONALD 1

I’m a joyful believer, wife to Donald, mom of 3 beautiful children, a faithful & trusting friend, the oldest & only daughter of a brave mom and dad, sister to 3 brothers who have the ability to make me laugh like no one else on the planet ;-).

I believe in servant leadership & spiritual sisterhood, I believe it’s all possible for you if you believe, and I desire to partner with others who pursue faith-driven lives of purpose, as well as to lift up & help those who do not yet know their own worth or how to heal from past soul wounds.  To share my journey in such a way that it hopefully will inspire others in realizing their own strength & ability to live a life fit – and in balance – spirit, soul, body.

We hope you are celebrating a life fit and to the fullest today, freely and in abundance of joy, strength, health, and new beginnings.

Pursuing a Life Fit,

Angel Ballance

interns wanted coach angel b team lifefit


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