Discovery of what is POSSIBLE. Leaning into the NEXT LEVEL.

I remember staring at the measuring tape, then the previous week’s numbers, and back at the measuring tape… and realizing that I was ONLY ONE week into my first round of 21 day fix, and I was already witnessing MAJOR changes… my goals were happening! It’s simply an amazing feeling to know and experience for yourself WHAT’S POSSIBLE.

I’m talking beyond-the-scale possible. Real, measurable, attainable, doable, empowering, LOVE THYSELF possible.
I wasn’t merely practicing a habit maintainable for only 21 days that would just boomerang me back up 10+ lbs. I was learning how to create a lifestyle I had previously craved and now was POSSIBLE for every day living… one in which I could consciously target my goals and still enjoy my food, fit my life around my workouts, all while continuing to drop pant sizes and feel stronger, healthier, more energetic.

Now, I’m leaning into the next level… 21 Day Fix Extreme. Eagerly anticipating a new discovery of WHAT IS POSSIBLE. And this February I want to SHARE THE LOVE!

test group forming feb 16 21dfx

Private group forming NOW. We begin Feb 16th. I’m inviting YOU to join me. I want to do this with you. Not ready for extreme? Want the original? You’re welcome, too.

You’ll want to grab your spouse and best friends into this challenge… Better yet, purchase the challenge pack together and reach your goals TOGETHER, too! Prizes to be won. Fun to be had. Results to be witnessed.

Tag your friend. Message me to get started.

*you will need to make me your coach*

#newbeginnings #newseason #nextlevel#newexpectations #noholdingback

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