P90X3 – my day one

And so it begins…


P90X3 – Day One – Total Synergistics … my sweaty “after” thoughts:  watch here

Has some of the type of total body moves with strength and resistance that I loved about PiYo, plus a few familiar moves from P90, and some cool bear crawly push up thingies that were new and daunting and wonderful LOL.  Felt pretty darn good.


Tony is, of course, awesomely fun to listen to in between moves.  He keeps it entertaining, and so much so that I couldn’t believe how quickly the time seemed to fly!  Sweat and grit, core achy and limbs shaking in just 30 minutes.

Oh, and… the crawly pushup things…


Was able to do more of these than I initially thought by just looking at them.  Felt pretty similar to the ones we did in PiYo Strength Intervals, I must say!  So. Cool.

Makes me believe even more that the path of Beachbody fitness programs I’ve taken thus far has truly readied my body for this next Xperience!   #X3


Email me to get started coachangelb@gmail.com or visit teambeachbody.com/angelballance to choose a program or become a coach on my team.

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