The Next Xperience

We are beyond excited to announce that our original P90 group is now P90 & Beyond – for all P90, X, X2, X3 ‘ers!


P90 & Beyond – the Next Xperience: WATCH VIDEO HERE::

Honored to partner with a dynamic team of P90X coaches – Tom Reale ,  Andrew Highsmith, Dawn Addeo Gooch , me (Angel Ballance) – to collectively host a private online support group for an all-new Xperience! Men, women, younger, older, newbies, vets….

psst… Tom and Andrew are BOTH P90X Instructors… Andrew just selected as Master Trainer and this will be Tom’s 13th round!  Imagine the insight and advice gained by being in this 90 day program with them both in the same space, going through the programs with us all!!

Are you ready?  There’s a P90 program for every fitness level and lifestyle.  For me, it’s P90X3 – a personal dream and goal to achieve in my journey.  What’s yours?  Let’s get started right away.

Believe me…. If I can do it, SO CAN YOU.

Multiple options available to you.  Ask me!



Do you know someone who loves Tony Horton programs or has always wanted to try something like P90X?


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