A Whatever it Takes Attitude – Proverbs 31 Woman Goals

Are you the type of person willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish whatever God has called you to do?
Sharing with you a rare peek inside just one of the ways I serve my challengers in my online fitness community (watch video for how to join us)!

Proverbs 31 woman is a bit intimidating, right?  But we have been digging into her example of living in my group and it’s refreshing to know this is meant to be a character study instead of a to do list !  … and it is revealing so much about God’s best for us!!

She Rises while it is still night… Proverbs 31:15

Watch and join the discussion on facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/angelballance/videos/2302180406474048/

OR – watch on youtube below:

Here’s the post I refer to in the video:  Nothing worth fighting for comes easy!! .

We have to know what we are willing to sacrifice to get where we want to be and be at peace within ourselves about our real life efforts in all the assignments God’s given us to fulfill..

Yesterday I shared that I qualified for my 2nd cruise trip …a gift earned through hard work and a reward from the company I partner with in bringing online fitness solutions to everyday busy people with demanding lives. While the achievement feels great… it doesn’t come without sacrifice and hard work..

But here’s the deal. I didn’t do it for the trip. I do everything first for the big vision in my heart: empowering and serving others into the healthiest , strongest, best version of themselves from the inside out – so they can live life to the fullest!! And I do it for my husband. My children. The vision I have for our life together. .Without that vision and bigger picture before me every day … I would’ve quit [on myself] a long time ago. Sure I get discouraged some days.

But then I’m reminded why I’m sweating privately.. and why I’m sharing it publicly… it’s not about me. It’s about the promise God put on my heart to follow through and see it to the finish. For me and for them..

Wouldn’t you rather finish knowing you fought hard for it and earned it???!.And guess what ? There is no final “finish”. Sure there are seasons that start and end… but there is always a transition into a new season of new beginnings and new conditions to weather. Because there is always a new level to conquer and get stronger, better. Life is not about staying still and feeling stagnant inside..

Thankfully He equips us daily with the grace but we have the choice to make it happen or it just doesn’t happen. This part takes grit. It takes resolve. It takes knowing you’re meant for more. It takes knowing your story matters and God can use every small piece to feed more than you ever imagined. It takes humbleness to the point of obedience… (Phil 2:3-9).My alarm woke me abruptly this AM. And I had a choice to make.

.Tell me… What’s the last thing you fought for ??? How sweet did the finish feel ??

.And finally… Isn’t it all worth it?? .

Wanna see a little Sneak peek into my leg day workout ? Love these moves!! challenges me in a good way 😉





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