Made to Crave – FOOD FREEDOM Group

CRAVE, BINGE, GAIN, STRESS, CRAVE,… What’s really going on here?
Do you ever step on the scale and beat yourself up?
Do you ever feel guilty about food choices?
Do you ever stress about the food that will be at an outing and if you can trust yourself to stay away?
Do you ever think you must be missing something or something must be wrong with you because you can’t lose weight?
Do you maybe even have health problems but still can’t say no to food?
Do you see food more as comfort or stress reliever?
Do you exercise to lose weight, or to be healthy?

Comment below YES if any of these sound familiar to you!

So… what gives? We are putting all the pieces together! craving+emotions+solutions!

As an online virtual health and fitness coach, emotional eater overcomer, fitness instructor, ministry-hearted mom who’s just living faith first and always inspired more by the other women I have the honor to serve and mentor, I am opening the doors to my next online accountability early for those who want to reserve one of the 5 exclusive spots for one on one coaching and group support.

I am looking for women who:

  • Are willing to take 30 minutes a day to push play at home with a fitness program we select together.
  • Will purchase Lysa Teurkeurst’s Made to Crave and participate in a weekly online book club. *early enrollment participants will receive their copy for FREE if enrolled by April 4th.
  • Will follow a simple meal plan filled with family friendly and healthy summer treats.
  • Will replace one meal or snack with nutrient dense Shakeology.
  • Want to kick some of the bad habits such as- negative self talk to the curb.
  • Want to FEEL CONFIDENT in their skin.
  • Are interested in a POSITIVE TALK Environment to deal with cravings for real.
  • Can dedicate 4 weeks to checking in with the virtual accountability group, and 10 minutes a day reading the life changing book, Made to Crave by Lysa Teurkerst

The group opens for early enrollment this week. Please complete the application to learn more.

Registration deadline for March group has ended, but my April Group is now open.
Space will be limited.

Register with purchase by April 14 to enter for $20 Target Gift Card and free copy of the book!

*If you miss the deadline and would like to be considered for our next group, please complete the application so that I may provide you with upcoming details.

ONLINE life fit accountability

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