100 Days to Brave – Day 3 – You are Braver than You Know

“Unsettle me, Lord”

The day that I knew it was time to stop hiding my emotional eating and ask God to direct me how to overcome it.

Ok, so that’s my story here, but here on Day 3 we also talk about Annie’s story of picking up everything and moving to another state because God said to.

We both agree that we never “felt” brave.  We just made the next step and the next and the next… despite the  terrifying loneliness and pain and fear.

Simply because we knew it needed to be done.

And mama… for whatever your hard decision is… YOU are braver than YOU KNOW.

Looking back…. What are 2 or 3 moments in your life that you can see now that you were being brave?  Even if it didn’t feel brave at the time?

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