100 Days to Brave – Day 17 – Dig Into the Word for Yourself

“How can she be so lit up from the inside out and on fire about the Bible, and it seem like such a chore or boring task to you – something you know you “should” do, or “have” to do??”

Welp… y’all… Annie apparently used to feel the same way! Today’s devo was so encouraging to read…. join me?

100 Days to Brave – Day 17 – Dig Into the Word for Yourself

100 Days to Brave 0 Day 15 – Ask the Hard Questions

Call to me and I will answer you. I’ll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own. – Jeremiah 33:3 MSG “Sometimes we avoid asking God things because we fear what the answer will be.” – Annie F Downs, 100 Days to Brave And the rest of thoseContinue reading “100 Days to Brave 0 Day 15 – Ask the Hard Questions”

100 Days to Brave – Day 13 – Like What You Like

LIKE WHAT YOU LIKE! What are 5 things you know you like? Food, musicians, fashion, tv shows, hobbies, preachers, restaurants, places to go, furniture, etc..  Drop them below! Here are mine: 1. Roosters in Kitchens 2. Coffee over tea, right?! 3. Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies (not the crunchy ones) 4. Greys Anatomy and ER 5.Continue reading “100 Days to Brave – Day 13 – Like What You Like”

100 Days to Brave – Day 11 – Your Mind

Look around at your life.  What could be better?  What are you not so satisfied about?  What situation or circumstance are you currently frustrated about or just waiting for the day to come when you’ll be able to change things? EVERYTHING in our life first originated as a THOUGHT.  Our mind can only create somethingContinue reading “100 Days to Brave – Day 11 – Your Mind”

100 Days to Brave – Day 10 – Your Feet

In what ways and in what relationships are you already leading others? Are you a mother leading her children, a manager leading a night crew, a coach leading a team, a compassionate stranger offering encouragement to a frazzled and frustrated stranger? A missionary in another country? A local bible study host? A teacher, a minister,Continue reading “100 Days to Brave – Day 10 – Your Feet”

100 Days to Brave – Day 9 – Your Heart

God loved me even when I was completely rebelling in the worst ways and my life looked like crap, felt like crap, and absolutely left a bunch of others feeling crappy, too. 

And then one day – despite my crap – I was totally smacked in the face with His unconditional love and thought. …What does it look like for me to love Him back?