3 Tips to Beat Food Temptations

We’ve all been there — we go out to eat and the friends are like, “Let’s all get a brownie a la mode and share it!” OR the well meaning friend in the office pushes a cupcake into your hand, right after you’ve promised yourself you’re sticking to your meal plan FOR REAL this time.

Food FOMO (fear of missing out)& Food bullying (peer pressure to eat what everybody else is)- it’s a real thing!

Here are 3 Tips I shared today in The Life Fit Mama Collective to beat the temptations in the moment in a polite way without feeling “left out” –

1. Remind myself I can have it some other time. This is a HUGE desire shift in my mind when I tell myself this truth. That this is NOT the only time or last time I”ll ever be able to eat the cheesecake, have the pizza, drink a coke. So therefore, I don’t need to partake in it. I know what it tastes like, and I know I’ll have another opportunity on another day. But today, it’s not on my priority list.

2. I can bite it, taste it, and leave it. I don’t have to inhale the entire piece (or sheet) of cake. I can decide I want to take a bite to taste what the special filling is that everyone is talking about and then leave it be. This is the difference between 50 calories and 500 calories, without feeling deprived or like I missed out on what everybody was enjoying.

3. It’s not for me. During my 3 week cleanse going on right now, I’ve have many times I’ve used this reminder in my head to keep me from feeling triggered to eat something off my meal plan that doesn’t support my goals for cleansing my gut right now. When my kids had pizza last night, I wasn’t tempted by the smell of cheese and pepperoni because in my mind I had already DECIDED that “it wasn’t for me”… so my brain and my tastebuds didn’t even compute it as an open option to consider salivating over. What I HAD made up my mind about and imagined my tastebuds experiencing later was what I had planned to have for dinner — my microgreens salad and a bowl of warm roasted bell pepper & sweet potato soup. Therefore, when the pizza was RIGHT THERE on the counter, it wasn’t even a thought to abandon my plan… because that pizza wasn’t “for me”. Get it??

For more tips and deeper insight into how to overcome food temptations and self-sabotaging temptations for the long haul of LIFE —>

I’m continuing the discussion on my blog this week (so keep tuning in) AND in my private community group The Life Fit Mama Collective this week<<—- (click to join! ) where I”ll be sharing my personal experience and insights to no more FOMO and self sabotage where food is concerned šŸ˜‰

Keep living Life Fit Mama!



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