Do I have to quit my job to become a coach?

“Don’t be what they call you. Be what you are.” – TD Jakes

Want to know one of the BEST perks of being a health and fitness coach with me (besides the discounts)?

You don’t have to change A THING about your life right now if you don’t wanna AND can start making some fun income right away 👏

If you’re already working your dream job, that’s amazing!! 😍 You don’t have to quit to be a coach! Im here to help and I have a simple daily checklist of the coaching activities I do each day to help you get started and squeeze it in when it’s convenient for you!

You can start these little coaching activities on your lunch breaks while you munch on your salad, after work while you’re cuddling with the cat, early in the mornings while you sip your coffee, on weekends, during commercials 😂 or heck – automate it! Yep, that can happen.

If you’re interested in learning more about coaching you gotta snatch up this free pdf right this second! This won’t be available after the New Year so this is your chance to download it. ⌛

You never know, on the other side of this PDF could be something life-changing!

And if after reading the pdf you’re wanting to know more about joining my team, fill out my interest form here and I’ll be in touch!

In Sweat & Faith,


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