Day One – 21 Day Fix Extreme

Sweaty selfie time with my baby girl and her brother’s puppy Simon LOL!   Today was day one of 21 day fix extreme what made me think to schedule day one on a school holiday with all the kids home?  Lol.


On the calendar for today was PLYO FIX EXTREME – and let me tell you – when I watched all the reviews on this program, they were so right. You’re using weights the entire time on this one. PLYO was immediately a gut check for me, because I realized I was afraid. For just a minute, I was feeling fear creep up that it would be too much – I mean, what have I gotten myself into?

Many of you may not realize, but 7 months ago this workout would NOT have been physically possible for me. I had experienced 2 separate injuries to the same hip/lower back twice in the last 2 years (one car wreck, one fall down the stairs, exactly one year apart from each other), which radiated all types of pain along my entire right side from neck, shoulder, elbow, back, hip flexor, knee, ankle, toes… you name it, and I felt it. I was flat on my back for days after each, and chiropractic care helped me walk and sit, hold my purse and drive my car without pain again, but every time I picked up weights or tried running longer than 13 minutes (I timed it every time I tried) – all my joints would immediately start hurting again and workouts would be completely out of the question for days thereafter. It was incredibly discouraging, and I just gave up – letting go of the idea I could get in shape and reach my goals. That is, until I met PiYo and Shakeology, and decided to begin my Beachbody journey.

Anyway, after all that, here we are… today’s big revelation. .. I COULD DO JUMPS AGAIN!!!  😂😂😂😂  SERIOUS TEARS AS I TYPE THIS BECAUSE SEVERAL OF those who know me   KNOW THAT THIS WAS COMPLETELY NOT PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE earlier in 2014 or 2013. 


I was responsible, y’all, for my mama bears in here who would want to know – I modified to get a feel for the move the first few times, then tried one, then another, took my time, and BAM!  I WAS DOING IT!


More to come on this program and my review on the food, workouts, everything!   But here is a snapshot of day one for me, plus my day one “BEFORE” pic for tracking progress.


I’m really excited about this program and would love to have you join in with me and 25-30 others already in my team’s challenge group.  Some are doing the original and some are doing the extreme version.  As your coach, I can help you decide which is best for you right now and where you want to go with your goals.  I’d be honored to join you in your journey! 

Please feel free to reach out to me or message me on 
I’ll be here to cheer you on! 


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