21DFX Breakfast [my day one ] : Oats, Eggs, Coffee

So, although yesterday was technically my day one for starting 21dfX workouts, TODAY is my first day to embrace Autumn’s 21DFX Countdown to Competition (C2C) meal plan.


The C2C meal plan is not required.  It is just one of three approaches to her 21DFX meal plan.  BUT the main important thing I can tell you is that ALL the meals are, of course, 21df or Fix ” friendly “, so no matter what I’m posting, it is compatible to your personal meal plan while using the Fix.


I can also offer suggestions to you of how to ADD to or have more variation with each meal I post.  For example… my oats today are cinnamon and stevia only, but you could easily add a purple to this with apple slices or strawberries or bananas, or add a crunch with some pecans or almonds or walnuts on top for a blue :-).

My eggs are just hardboiled (I did a 3-4 day meal prep at the beginning of my week, so they were already ready for me), and just sprinkled some cayenne on top.  A nice balance of kick next to my comforting oats of cinnamon and stevia and smooth coffee.


Your options are endless to whatever you’re craving ;).

And, yes, COFFEE is totally a thing for the 21DFX, just like the 21 DF original.  Autumn does strongly encourage you, for the best results, to avoid creamers, but she’s also said if you absolutely need that splash of almond milk, etc, just add it up with your blue container measurements as you choose to have it.  What is it, like, 30 calories per serving?  So not worth stressing over –  enjoy your almond milk!  😉  Usually I’d be all over my soy milk and raw honey when looking for an alternative to creamer, but for the C2C, I really want to follow it the best I can, at least my first time through.  So, I tried it this way, and LOVED IT!


Part of Autumn’s sample meal plan for C2C calls for a spoon of evco in the breakfast (meal one).  I decided to have half a spoon in my first cup of coffee, and half a spoon in my second.  *joyful!*  tastes so good.  And with the cinnamon, it tastes homey, like I want to cuddle up with a blanket next to the fireplace and watch a movie.  Mmmm!

See?  Change can be good and most enjoyable – keep your mind open to the possibilities and just give it a try!

If you’re interested in this program, I’d be honored to coach you through deciding which meal plan and workouts are best for your lifestyle and results you’re looking for.  Please check out each version of the 21df programs here and reach out to me if you need help deciding which to order for yourself.  We can discuss your goals and strategize an ideal approach for YOU to get where you want to be.

Happy Fixing, y’all!!



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