Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.

Dear friend,

There is a SHIFT that must happen in how and what you THINK in order for the CHANGE you SAY YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF to actually show up and become your new  everyday life. 

No longer just one of those rare or briefly visited occurrences which you flip and flop right back out of, but I’m talking about a change in thinking, believing, doing and being that STICKS and becomes a new part of who you are, becomes a new WAY OF LIVING for you, becomes a higher level of operating for you.   

It’s not just about what you’re doing.  It’s what you THINK about what it is you’re doing.  Where is your HEART on the matter?  Is it grudgingly done each day with a sigh and a moan in your heart (if not literally also out of your mouth)?  Do you believe in and place value on the thing, or deep down think consistently, 

This is never going to work.
I just can’t do it. 
It’s not worth it.  
I will never see this through, so I might as well not even start. 
There’s no point in continuing. I know I’ll never be able to finish, anyway. 
Who am I kidding?  I’ll never be able to do this and get the results I want.  It’s just not possible for me.  Maybe for some people, but not for me.

This morning, as I positioned myself to hear from God through the scriptures my hands were thumbing through,  I very clearly felt this prompting:

Some of your behaviors… you’re not even sure why you continuously do them without thinking or indeed where they came from in the first place. 

You’re doing them because of the way you think – your thinking patterns.  You are making decisions and daily choices based on your own unique combination and pattern of thoughts, rolling over and over on the inside of you.  These thoughts… you’ve adopted them as truth to live by.  And some of them just aren’t true.

Your thinking habits  determine at what level of life you are living right now.  You began living out of them before you even had an awareness of who or what made you believe them in the first place. 

But I have come to break them up and out of you… to breathe new Life and a New way of thinking into you… so that you shall succeed at every image I’ve seeded in your heart to trust me for and to commit your works to.   Trust in Me and My way of doing and being; Change your thinking, and I will show you what you are capable of accomplishing with your life. 

Do you know that I wholeheartedly believe that change happens from from the inside, out? What this means to me, is that no matter what the subject or behavior I’m trying to change (whether working out more each week, drinking more water in a day, performing at a better level at work, investing more time in my friendships, or being more present with my family), no matter which “thing” or habit I’m trying to change… it is going to START and FINISH with the attitude that’s in my heart concerning that thing or habit.  Is my thinking all about my comfort level and not wanting to deal with the necessary but temporary discomfort of stretching myself to achieve what it is I seek? 
That desired result (to be stronger or lose dress sizes, to be closer to God or to my husband, etc) is not going to show up until I first change the way I think about it.  I have to decide to start thinking differently about it.  Then I will feel morivated to doing it. 

If I’m seeing it as a chore or an overwhelming obligation, then it WILL be a chore and overwhelming, and I WILL quit on it or never even start it. 

But when I place value on the thing and properly prioritize it in my life, then all of my focus SHIFTS from the negative to the positive, and brief inspiration becomes long lasting motivation to seeing it through beyond the first small spark of an idea.  So I don’t stay stuck where I don’t want to be. 

If you can rightfully see the potential impact that change you want for yourself could have on the quality of the life you are living, as a result then you will begin acting and behaving according to your change in thinking. 

You see, that new habit you put in place has new added value and WORTH to you that it didn’t have before.  It wasn’t until YOU reassigned value to it that it became easier for you to introduce and implement into your life.  And because now you truly believe in its value and potential, your live in a positive stage of expectation, and not a negative state of discouragement and not expecting much at all.   You commit to each new healthy behavior, act, or conduct, fully expecting the rewards to manifest as you follow through with what’s necessary to achieve it.

Wanna stop struggling with eating well and taking care of your body?  Are you finding the thought of consciously choosing your foods for a healthy, strong body tiresome or not worth your effort?  Do your workouts seem like a chore? 

It is the shift in your thinking that takes the struggle out of your doing. 


So, TAKE THE STRUGGLE OUT. Think differently.  Change your thinking.  Turn away from the old mindsets and attitudes, embrace God’s loving thoughts of purpose and good will for you.  And you will begin to see a change in your decisions, your actions, your conduct.  Your LIFE will become the proof of your change, and not just your words.  Those promises you spoke to yourself at the beginning of your fitness program or meal plan design will not fall flat to the floor, but will instead become consistent proof that your heart, your attitude, and your purpose for yourself have changed.  And you have changed.   And what started as a new thought and possibility for change on the inside of you, has now become visible, tangible results for you in reality. 

You change your life on the outside, by first changing what’s on the inside. 


Proverbs 16:3 AMP
Roll your works upon the Lord [commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and] so shall your plans be established and succeed.

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