GOING GREEK – The brands I choose for most Protein


Greek yogurt is one of the PROTEIN sources I love to fit into my day (;)I am not always in the mood for fish and meat)!

Several of you have asked me my faves or the ones I gravitate towards when shopping for myself. 

Here are my top two picks: 

1.  My current FAVORITE is Fage PLAIN for its texture and creaminess – oh, so smooth and less punch than some other brands.

2.  Chobani PLAIN was my very first greek yogurt find when I started researching one that would agree with my palette.  I’ll still pick up Chobani when Fage isn’t on the shelf.

…and for a couple of reasons: 

1) I choose PLAIN for no added sugars – to sweeten I use fruit juice (squeezed fresh), raw honey, or 100% pure maple syrup. I also use it plain as a sour cream substitute 🙂 on my chili, potatoes, salads, tacos, dips. 

2) Greek yogurt itself is higher in protein than regular yogurt…. but I choose these two brands in particular because I find they pack at or above 20g of protein per serving –  KACHOW!  LOL seriously, I do prefer higher protein to sugar/carb content 🙂 and there are a couple of brands out there that, although they may be sweeter or smoother, they seemed to also have way less protein or way more carbs than I wanted 😉

So, that’s it!  That’s pretty much my strategy – simple, right? 

Do you have a preferred brand?  

What other foods are you curious about? 


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