30 Day Challenge BOD+21DF Begins Mar30

Date CHANGED!!  Message me personally 🙂 and we will do this together.  I’m personally inviting you into this experience with me and we START March 30th.


I’m excited about how this On Demand service positively impacts peoples’ lives, especially those who travel, get bored with workouts easily and have trouble sticking to just one program at a time, like variety, need a program to follow at the gym, or just want to always try something new and different each day!

It’s a completely NEW APPROACH TO WORKING OUT and it’s offered at a crazy cool price…

Not to mention we (my team) will be providing Shakeology recipes (treats & shakes) with 21DF MEAL PLANS for everyone in the group! That’s 30 shakes, 30 meal plans!

Plus – as a group, we will feature a different WORKOUT CHALLENGE each day for everyone to complete, give their thoughts/likes/dislikes and which ones they liked most!! For 30 days of  >>> AWESOMENESS!!

1.  Different workout each day for 30 days
2.  Multiple programs and trainers to choose from (Shaun T, Chalene, Autumn, Tony) (TurboFire, P90X3, ChaLeanExtreme, 21DFX, Brazil Butt Lift, Slim in 6… more)!
3.  21 Day Fix Approved Meal plans (even if you don’t use 21df containers, you’ll be eating “clean” – bonus!)
4.  Support & FUN, energetic environment


What do you need?  Our ON DEMAND CHALLENGE PACK, which includes
1.  TBB club membership
2.  Shakeology HD (30 day supply) – read more about shakeology here

no brainer bbondemand angel

Both come together in the Challenge Pack for LESS than the cost of Shakeology alone.  BOTH you’re able to cancel at any time.  #nobrainer #goodstuff

Message me or Comment below if you want to know more or you’re ready to jump right in! You’re gonna want to invite your fitness friends and family to this one. image

It’s too good not to get in on it together if you’re looking for new workout challenges to try and just have fun with.

Share/Tag a #friend YOU think might want to do this – and let’s get going!  It’s just 30 days and we start March 30th!!


Get it now or message me for more info!
Shop here

It’s the Netflix of Fitness 🙂


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