My fitness business story (well, part of it)

​Do you know my story?  Not just my fit story… my fitness business story.  It’s really just begun in so many ways, but I wanted to share where I started.  And invite you to be a part of it.

Many of you know I am a former church/ministry admin & women’s ministry leader.  I hate typing “former” because it is still in me & behind everything I do. 

You may or may not know that when we moved our family to Texas I struggled BIG TIME with that identity crisis of letting go what I Loved doing & being on a daily basis.  Since the move, I had a difficulty finding work that I found fulfilling & allowed me to be home with the kids every day.  It has been a goal.  But me being present at home before & after school everyday with the kids has always been our priority – no matter my ego or desire for “a career that matters”.

.. since our first was born. 

I  have NEVER been in the fitness OR nutrition field.  I had a pretty huge chunk of restaurant experience, a decade of ministry leadership & admin experience, and a couple of years in the amazing substance abuse recovery field.  Each interview I’ve been on or position I’ve considered has conflicted with that desire to be home until 7:30am and back home by 3pm M-F.   There was nothing related to my previous work to consider within those hours… even administratively, and we settled for a temporary position at a retail department store…. for pretty much HALF of what I knew I could be paid per hour.   

It was a blow to the gut.  There has been more times than not I have cried in my car or dreaded putting on the uniform.  After all – I thought to myself during a self-made pity party – I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology!  I have experience.  I have hustle AND heart. I have integrity & leadership skills. I come from a line of strong women who showed me how to keep your head down and just put the work in despite any struggle or circumstance.   I’m loyal and adaptable to any challenge.  

So let me be clear.  I stopped actively looking for another “job” and started growing what God had placed in my hands to work.  

But you know I see people looking at me weird and scratching their heads… like… what’s wrong that Angel hasn’t found a “different” “better” job?  A year after those looks and questions and a faithful friend has reminded me that job doesn’t define me, but yet my heart for my kids does.  My service to my family.  

I’m telling you this because I don’t talk often about “that job”.  Mainly because it doesnt inspire me.  It helps pay some house bills where needed month to month.   

I do often talk about the job I DID Choose for myself that gives me PURPOSE & JOY every day – Being a Coach. Maybe you love your job.   Not all coaches are in my boat or have my story – many of them are happy corporate career moms or teachers or admin professionals who don’t coach to escape their day job… but to give back, pay it forward, and have another outlet for their personal passions to help others get healthy & fit, too.

Earlier this year I started to really take advantage of my Beachbody business. I quickly advanced in more ways than one after that mindset shift.  I saw the real opportunity to create an extra income doing what I have come to love.   I have been able to cut back on the hours I am “needed” to work in that job, and focus more lovingly & attentively on building my coaching business. 

 I have embraced the role of a servant leader once again…and I am LOVING it!!!  I am actively creating sustainable growth so I can take it full time.  I can SEE more possibility and promise than ever before – and I have started inviting you to come with me on the journey.  To be a major part of it.  

The amazing people I have had the opportunity to lead and to personally help, not just with their health and fitness…but in helping them to do what I do….to start the process of mentoring them… is so humbling.  Helping my friends and now my team to build a home-based business simply by focusing on getting themselves healthier and leading others by example and sharing it on social media and in their circles of influence…. it is grace-filled energy & heart fulfillment, for sure!  

I am choosing to find & connect with people who have that entrepreneurial spirit and desire to build a thriving people-focused at-home business for themselves and their families. We are taking charge of what we do and sharing it to help others who want more for their life.  

Do you know there is something MORE out there for you?   But not quite sure what?  Or how it could come about with coaching?  But you are curious all the same?  Do you see what is possible and already what would happen if you DARED to believe in yourself long enough to STOP listening to those that dont really understand what I do as a coach?? . 
I invite you to not be afraid or judge me on anything but what you know about my heart FIRST.   And if you are fueled with fire and passion for helping others and making a difference in other peoples lives… I want to work with you!  I want to help you build your own coaching business while staying uniquely YOU. 

 Donald helps me lead a team within a huge family & community of leaders who are all here to support you every step of the way.   We call our team LifeFit Nation.  Because at the heart of what we do is a desire to connect people to real solutions to be healthy & fit – and it is not just on the outside!  Fit on the inside – strong in spirit, in mind, in body, in service, and in IMPACT for our life as a whole.  Not just my biceps or waistline… my entire life purpose.  

So… have you ever Considered using Becahbody as a launching pad to creating a business/income opportunity with  your own unique purpose and passions?  
What drives you? What hobby makes you happy?   Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and just try it!  Try coaching with me!  

I’m opening up my New Coach mentorship again starting MONDAY.  Reach out to us for how to join in and start your own fitness business journey,  too.  ♡  visit my sneak peek group or visit my blog to learn on your own. 

 Just maybe open your mind a bit and trust me because you know my heart… don’t you?  Maybe we just met.  In that case – I look forward to meeting & working with you.  
Living Life Fit ,

P.S.  to that friend who reminded me of my worth & value… thank you. ♡ I love you!

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