Labor Day Lean Out / Tummy Refresher 

​SO excited to do another round of the 3 Day Refresh with my babe!  It’s a 3 day, plant-based cleanse that always leaves us feeling ahhhhhh…. right?! 

Get powerfully in control of your eating habits again.  ♡ Energy goes from meh to amazing, kills the bloated tummy, mental clarity is stellar – and you EAT THE WHOLE TIME.
Ideal for leaning out before labor day …and/or  after 🍃🍋

Sooo…. Want to #refreshwithus ??  
As you probably know from my previous posts,

Donald and I have each completed the 3 Day Refresh & love it every time we do.  WE LOVE FOOD, too…  🍋🍎 so I understand if you’ve been hesitant to try it with us before!   But let me tell you… 
Each time we lose 3-6 lbs and 1-1.5” off our waistlines and middle sections. 🙌 And we always agree it is a great experience!  The opportunity to #refreshwithus is not about juicing or being protein-deprived.  It is a cleanse 😉 meant to help your body detox naturally & gently in 3 days’ time.  
❤️ we learn that fresh, simple, healthy foods really can satisfy our bodies

💛 we learn portion sizes with our meals and regain control over quantity AND quality

💟 We learn how much water really effects healthy gut, healthy skin, healthy energy!  

💜 we think more clearly 

💚 we feel our pants loosen & they fit sooooo much better!

💙 we often break through a plateau or get back on track after bad habits have crept back in or we splurged for vacation/family trips 
We are PERSONALLY hosting 2 opportunities for you to join us!  Either before or after Labor Day ⛱👙🌭🍰  so you want to get your kit NOW so it arrives in time & we encourage you to do it with a friend, co worker, or spouse if possible – just for extra accountability !
We not only do the refresh with you, we help you PLAN for it & MAINTAIN your results after!
We will provide you a sample meal  plan with prep suggestions, daily private online chat for support/feedback, and a sample meal plan to follow after!  Making it easy for you to succeed ♡. 


Are you curious 🤔 or want more info about it?!  Comment below or message us!

You can also Get more details HERE 🍋🍋🍋🍋

This is for EVERYONE – anyone – who would like to feel refreshed, renewed, more energetic, and even a little leaner in your suit & shorts (instead of bloated, tired, and 10lbs heavier) and get back on track !!
>>>> you choose!  Start your Lean Out / Tummy Refresh either BEFORE or AFTER our extended weekend break in September! <<<<
Choose dates below!
Gotta plan for leaning out before or after your Labor Day splurge to get eating back on track & feel amazingly good again? Do you find yourself in a seemingly endless cycle of craving sweet & salty or processed foods? Reaching for lots of breads, chips, candy, or desserts?  Feel like your eating has gotten  out of control and need a break from bad habits? 
Any of that sound familiar?  I’ve been there.  So, join me for a 10 day group experience where we will erase any eating regrets!! 

YOU CHOOSE to lean out & detox either before or after Labor Day weekend feasts & treats with a 3 Day Refresh – this is a healthy, all-natural, gentle cleanse that will help to reset your body with REAL FOOD and whole food nutrition, helping your body rid itself of “the extra” it doesn’t need. 
 With the 3 Day Refresh You won’t be starving yourself, and you won’t be running to the bathroom all day…. For 3 days we will eat real food to get the right nutrition in our bodies, get our digestion and our appetites back on track and get our eating under control again!
We start with an 2 days of meal plan, groceries and prep.  Then we complete our 3 Day refresh together. And then we continue eating clean again with a 5 day maintenance plan made for you to follow along with us to maintain your refresh results, continue to help your body burn fat and feel awesome, keep the good digestion going and keep the tummy healthy.  Once we have completed our 3 Day Refresh together, I will share with you one of my personal meal plans that we can follow together, continuing our results and solidifying our new healthy habits, with daily clean  eating, FREE optional workouts to follow along with the group, and lifestyle tips to help you transition into a flexible but healthier way of life! 
Does this sound like something you would like to do?  
If so, here’s what you get! – 
#1 daily sample meal plan guide with shopping list & prep instructions

#2 the complete 3 day refresh kickstart & maintenance kit 
#3 Some of my FAVORITE easy to follow workouts to stream ONLINE that leave my body feeling amazing!  (30 day free access) (optional)

#3 Private Group Support & accountability every single day!  Including optional video chat!
#4 GIFT from me if you get a friend to join you!  
#5 A Leaned Out Tummy to either kickstart or recover from your Labor Day Weekend!!  

CHOOSE A GROUP BELOW if you are READY to either kickstart your labor day weekend or make a plan to recover from it ()  with an all-over body refresher & tummy lean out with me!!
WIN A GIFT FROM ME!  Get a friend, spouse, or family member to do the 3 day refresh with you for extra accountability & fun === click INVITE & share this event with them!  And I’ll send you a free gift ♡ if they commit with their own 3 day refresh kit!  


BEGINS before Labor Day

Aug 24-25 (shop & plan meals)

Aug 26-28 (3 day refresh)

Aug 29-Sept 3 (5 days clean eating / maintenance plan)

BEGINS after Labor Day

Sept 7-8 (shop & plan meals)

Sept 9-11 (3 day refresh)

Sept 12-16 (5 days clean eating/maintenance plan)

Let’s do this together! 

🍋🍋🍋 email me Subject: LABOR DAY REFRESH GROUPS if you need help choosing the best refresh kit for you, and I will walk you through all of your options!

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