Stress seemed to follow me today.  

​One word that I have seen/felt/heard on too many people today – STRESS.   This time of year – I get it.  This is how I deal and put all that negativity in its place… 

1. Personal growth/development. I listen to a book, pray, read an intriguing article, listen to a podcast, watch a motivational video or online sermon- anything that has an uplifting positive message that helps my thoughts flip to the positive & what’s possible ❤.

2. Workout. Seriously. It is science. If you do not already, I encourage you to find a type of physical activity that causes you to challenge your body to change/get stronger/faster/leaner, to focus your intensity and efforts for 20-30 minutes of your day… and just SWEAT IT OUT.  You’ll feel amazing after. 

I started my morning with TurboKick , followed by lunch, a movie with my family, church, and going through winter clothes with my daughter.  Throughout the day there were so many people (us included) that were speaking of or out of stress, frustration, impatience.
Whether it’s the Thanksgiving holiday stress of making stuff happen , or “the usual” job/relationship/family dilemmas bringing up stress for you at any time of year, YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT YOUR PEACE IS IMPORTANT.  Just as important as the next person for sure – and definitely not less than anyone else’s joy.  Your peace matters & is essential to experiencing every drop of joy and gratitude you can this season… this LIFE you are living. Your health –  physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally… in every way your health is important.  It matters and impacts every area of life.  And YOU impact every person around you.

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