LifeFit Mama Meal Plan – 22MHC Wk2 – Fall Edition

Its MEAL PLAN MONDAY ! So, every week – somewhere between Sunday and Monday – I’m grab my laptop, eating guides, and Pinterest to look up recipes for me and my family to eat on through the week.  This is a huge part of my success in not only getting results but also maintaining results from the fitness programs I complete.


So, here I am, pen in hand, scribbling it down first – then typing it up into an excel doc so I can share it with you and with my challengers in my online fitness community!

There are too many opportunities to get derailed from week to week, especially during this season as we get ready for holidays!  Fall is in the air and I am craving apples, cinnamon, pumpkin and more!  So I made sure to include them in my plan. Having a plan with my goals in mind – plus knowing I have to share it with my accountability group – always helps keep me on track.


Right now I’m following 30 days of 22 minute hard corps.  I have completed this program before and gotten killer results – I am going for it again to help me come back after several “off” weeks where I loosened the reigns and ate too many sweets.  I don’t want to feel deprived from the fall flavors and some of my favorite sweets, but I also want to do it in a healthy way so I can meet my goals!!

Generally I pick 4-5 recipes to cook or prep, plug them into my dinners, and plan on leftovers every other day.  Shakeology serves as my breakfast or my lunch (and to be honest, sometimes my after dinner sweet tooth).  I can move things around as much as I need to flow with everyday life and unexpected events, but the plan in place helps me know what to reach for when so I don’t have chaos or frustrations take over.


I hope this meal plan helps you eat cleaner and healthier this week for you and your family!  If you don’t have someone to help YOU stay on track , or you do not have a coach, you can check out check out the online challenge groups section for ways to get support and accountability from me!








Live Life Fit Everyday,




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