After the Holiday Pie It’s Time to Re-Focus for the New Year !

I don’t know about you, but physically I’ve been feeling pretty crummy from some of my eating choices during Christmas break.  Don’t get me wrong – I’ve done pretty well – but the last couple of days of holiday dinners and apple pie… well… let’s just say I can really feel the difference in my energy , my digestion, and even my midsection believe it or not.

It doesn’t take long to start backtracking or feel like things are spiraling out of control, so I don’t like to wait or put it off any longer than I have to — I want to feel and look better now!

So… I  went live in my challenge groups this morning to help give my simple straightforward approach to getting back on track and re-focused after the holidays.  I hope you find it just as helpful of a guide for your life as well!


4 Simple Steps to Refocus for a Healthy New Year!

1.  Shift your mindset.  No negative Nancy allowed.  Stop the sting thinking and press play on an uplifting podcast or audible book, motivational or bible study video on youtube, and get your mind right.  You are beautiful and empowered and capable of taking control over your choices again. You are loved and able to start your transformation now – no matter what your habits looked like the last few days (or years for that matter).  Start where you are and celebrate your transformation as if it already happened.  Visualize it and then LIVE it!

2.  Get intentional about what you’re eating and drinking.  The foods you’re reaching for.  Drink your water and your Shakeology.  Know your ingredients and quality of food and reach for foods you know will fuel your body right.  Reach for your Fix containers and/or Eating Guide and put them to use!  Start with your very next meal and take it from there.


3.  Get your first workout out of the way.  It may feel yucky or sluggish (remember you haven’t been fueling your body as well as you normally would).  Your body is reaching for the energy to get you through your workout — but depending on the amounts of the types of foods you’ve been eating the last several days, you will likely feel your endurance tested more than usual for your first workout back.  BUt have heart.  Remind yoruself that it will only be for a short time.  Soon you’ll be back full force and feeling amazing as you rock your workout out fierce.

4.  Check in with your accountability partner.  Your Coach, your fit friends, our private group.  Encourage another human beingin this journey with you and be amazed at how it boosts your confidence and will power to keep going!!

Here is my personal message to my challengers.  Enjoy!  And I hope it is encouraging to you, as well.

What ever you do… Don’t wait.  Start now so you’re ahead of the game.  Don’t put it off and make it harder on yourself to get going later.  Get yourself in gear now with these simple steps to claiming the life you want for your new year ahead.


Reach out to me if you’re ready to start with one of my complimentary challenge groups in the New Year.

  1.  Email – Subject:  New Year Challenge
  2. Make me your free Team Beachbody coach here
  3. Fill out the challenge group application form below so I can get to know your interests and your goals.  I will reach out to you ASAP so we can get started!

    That’s it!  Excited to witness your New Year Transformation!


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