How can I “afford” Shakeology + How it SAVES me $$ every month, too.

How do you afford Shakeology????

I get this question all the time.  I absolutely enthusiastically answer.  $4 a day- sounds crazy?! This is actually an incredible value and lower cost than you think for what you GET!

I realize that people are genuinely shocked initially – but that’s when I know it’s just because they haven’t researched to find out what’s IN IT. We don’t buy what we don’t value.  “For where your heart is… ”



Wait just a minute… Angel.. for real.  $4 a day?  If you are still struggling with that concept then I have a lot of explaining to do.  Obviously I haven’t really revealed to you what you are actually getting for the price.  But before I get into the big WOW-I-HAD-NO-IDEA that’s actually pretty cool stuff- let’s actually talk about the nitty gritty of how Shakeology saved me money.  

When I first started drinking Shakeology 2 years ago, I didn’t have somebody tell me WHY I should drink it.  I just knew that other people really liked it and had seen health improve, weightloss happen, etc… and I just thought – Okay I have tried everything else… why not this?  BUT – I did want to do my research first.  SO.  I did.  I dug into the world wide web to see ALL the opinions and research on it.


You see, I needed to know the value of it so I could “sell” my husband on it so I could buy my first bag.  I told him to really think hard about the benefits.  I told him I was committed to working out and I had seen by my own research WHY Shakeology would help me get better, faster results.  I let him know that Shakeology was not a protein shake that I could just find on a shelf in Target or something… I told him it was more like a health shake that would help my body and longterm health in so many more ways than any protein shake could deliver.

Let’s be honest with each other here. Life’s needs can get expensive.  Especially if you have kids.  If you know my husband, then you know he is the one who balances the checkbook every week, old school paper transaction type – I cringe every time I see him sit down with pen, checkbook, and laptop – truth be told!!  I go run to the other side of the house and get “busy” because he will ask me about EVERY single purchase to confirm that I made it knowingly and willingly .  ANytime we consider a new endeavor or activity for the kids that is not “necessary”, we consider the value for our investment.

EVerything – from braces to baseball, groceries to parties – it must make sense on paper or it doesn’t happen. We consider this our part of being good financial stewards and making sure we stay in charge of our money – not the other way around.  So – you see – I get it.  I can understand how, if you see Shakeology as just another protein shake then, yes – It would be a waste of money if that’s all Shakeology was.

When we sat down to crunch the numbers and make it make sense for our life — well, no matter how many ways we looked at it, we came to realize Shakeology would actually be saving us money.


In order to add Shakeology to my daily meal plan for a healthier me, from the inside out, I considered the following:

1.  Vitamins and SupplementsGETTING and staying healthy isn’t cheap. Look at your medicine cabinet.  You likely have supplements and vitamins because you’re health conscious, you want to keep your energy up, you want a healthy metabolism, you want to fight free radicals, you want heart health, you want fewer gray hairs and good sleep, you want immune system support, you want more supple skin and stronger nails and hair, etc.- you get my point.  I know how it goes.  Before Shakeology, I had a multivitamin as well as E, C, D, and a B vitamin complex (and would rotate a few others in every now and then, too), all-natural supplements, too, for everything mentioned above. Sometimes I wondered if I was taking too much, too little, and what my vitamin stash would look like when I was 60.  LOL… Shakeology takes the guess work out of all of it.  It includes over 70 super foods and in its synergistic form works together to keep my body healthy, my cells fed, and my body overflowing with energy. I don’t need to buy all supplements.  It’s all in there! Done! Easy.
Minimum Saved Monthly = $60

2.  Probiotics/Prebiotics – Ok so we all know digestive health is important but that if you don’t get enough fiber, digestive enzymes, etc – things can slow down and get down right “hard” to “go”.  Not to mention if you had to take back to back rounds of antibiotics to get rid of that last strep throat the kids brought home to you… well… your gut needs that natural good bacteria to keep things “going” on the regular and keep your colon healthy for a lifetime.  Health begins in the gut.  So, I took probiotics (the cheap kind that probably had half dead bacteria strands anyway LOL) by pill form and bought extra grocery items that would contain both probiotics and prebiotics.  Shakeology ALREADY HAS BOTH.  Boom.  No more extra needed.
Minimum Saved Monthly = $40

3.  Starbucks –  Ok.  Before I get into how much I LOVE starbucks coffee and the cinnamon dulce latte or even the caramel macchiatto….  Let me tell you that this company admits to an 80% markup!  WOW- So I didn’t know that before I started digging to add up all these numbers for you.  At the price of $4-$6 a cup, I started to realize that Starbucks needed to not be a weekly addiction anymore.    I still splurge on an overpriced cup of coffee from time to time – like maybe once a month or so – But Shakeology is wonderful in that it can be blended, shaken and stirred in so many different ways that you really don’t crave that sugary caffeinated beverage in the same way!
Minimum Saved Monthly = $20

4.  Juices & Smoothies – Who else has one of those mega juicing machines and a book to go with it??  huh??!  🙂 SO FUNNY because Donald and I totally invested in one and nowadays we barely pull it out twice a year.  BUT – back in the day – we juiced ourselves healthy from time to time.  We purchased a boat load of produce and tried all the recipes and even made some for the kids.  $50 a trip sometimes and we drank it all in 3-4 days LOL… being conservative!  Okay.  And then that isn’t mentioning my “green superfoods smoothie” in a bottle I would buy from the refrigerated produce section every week.  Usually atleast 3-4 of them at $2.50 to $5 a pop, so I could drink half of one every day and get more veggies and superfoods in (hey – don’t laugh- I was trying)!  Shakeology is a whole food health shake – but its whole foods include exotic superfoods from around the globe – grown and harvested with the utmost integrity so we get it in the best state of nutrition possible.  So our bodies receive an even better nutrient-dense food than what we often pick up from the local grocery store .  SO – again.  SO much better and still so much less.
Assuming I only did the smoothies and we didn’t do any juicing that month….and that I ONLY purchased four $2.50 bottles of green smoothies each week for an entire month…
Minimum Saved Monthly = $40

5.  Post-workout Protein Shakes & Snacks – Yep.  I used to buy the cheapest generic protein shake on the shelf for a post workout recovery drink.  When I got tired of the chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, I would buy the bottles of pre-mixed mango (much pricier by the ounce, for sure). I WOULD ALSO purchase extra greek yogurts for an alternative post-workout protein source to the regular protein shakes.
Since, in addition to all the superfoods, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and digestive enzymes, (all that good stuff already mentioned), Shakeology ALSO HAS protein (in either whey or plant-based formulas), well… I no longer needed my monthly supply of protein shakes or extra greek yogurt, either.
Minimum Saved Monthly = $45

6.  One Breakfast/Lunch/or Dinner a day – WHOA NELLY.  Angel… are you saying you NEVER pick up fast food , never go out to eat for lunch??  Of course not.  But this is few and far between now compared to before Shakeology.  Before I was intentional about the foods i decided to put in my body.  SO – fast food is now like hmmm… maybe once every 2-3 months at MOST – and that is the HONEST truth.  


When I first started drinking Shakeology, it replaced my breakfast AND my protein shake because I worked out early in the morning before the kids got up for school.  I would workout, drink my shake, have a cup of coffee, and be good til my mid morning snack or lunch.  No drive thru mcgriddles…and my gut, my health… all better for it!!  Shakeology kept me full and satisified and knowing I fed myseld better -tasting like a chocolate shake for breakfast no less!!  LETS SAY my breakfast or lunch was about $5 a day.  Obviously some days were more! And some days for lunch I could choose a salad for a healthy lunch… but a salad is anywhere from $7-10, but shakeology gives me the nutritional value of multiple salads in one shake for only $4. 



My monthly costs BEFORE Shakeology =$261
My monthly bag of Shakeology = $99.63
Monthly Savings = $161.37


Shakeology has been and continues to be my secret weapon to:

  • Long term and total body health & wellness results
  • Immune system support
  • Digestive health & regularity
  • Healthy skin, hair, nails
  • Natural energy boost

It’s all about perspective. I know my health is worth it.  I know how I feel when I take it, daily.  I know that $4 is a STEAL for how I feel .  I honestly would pay twice that.  Shakeology has been my go-to power shake for awesome feeling goodness and confidence in what I fuel my body with.

If you’d like to give Shakeology a 30-day trial to see how amazing you feel… and get my free coaching support along with it …

Fill out this application below to be considered for one of my upcoming Shakeology + Clean Eating Accountability Groups:


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