3 Day Lean Out & Tummy Refresher

Join me in my FAVE Superfood Nutrition All-Natural Detox & gain access to my LifeFit Challenge Group FREE!

I know some people have already started telling me me that they’re facing so many tempting, comfort foods and treats that come with the summer break and end of school year holidays coming up… and they feel like they’re gaining weight, their belly is bulging prematurely,  and they are feeling SLUGGISH.  Let me help you with that, mamas!!

What is the best way to overcome indulgent party treats, cookouts, and over-eating??  and not carry the unfortunate eating habits (plus the extra 5-10lb weight gain they bring)  for the next additional MONTHS of summer? A PLAN.

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail …. and let me tell you I learned this the hard way.  Nobody wants to start the summer with more weight around the middle than necessary! So, how can we start our Summer SMARTER and love our tummy again?

Starting June 9th we will head straight into the Summer looking and FEELING amazing (unlike our co-workers all gathering around the water cooler, the other mommies at the neighborhood park bench, and our friends/families texting us in the middle of the night, complaining about their post-memorial day and summer kick off party belly bulge)!

Nope — this year is going to be different!  This year, we are making SMARTER decisions and avoiding the pain & embarrassment of “needing” our “baggy shirts” this June/July/August and beyond…


We are going back to our bathing suits and summer dresses SOONER rather than later, Feeling Fabulous and lighter, more energetic, and super proud of ourselves….because we had a PLAN and we stuck to it….  Here’s how we’re going to do it:

1. We’ll start with a PLANT BASED 3 day refresh that focuses on WHOLE FOODS and is a GENTLE detox (no running to the bathroom every 30 minutes)!
2. After 3 days, if you are interested in creating lean muscle for your new tummy, we’ll start doing daily workouts (of our choosing) —  from 15-45 min each.  We can choose from the live streaming options that comes with our 3 Day Refresh + On Demand ALL ACCESS Challenge pack, or do one we already own. It’s totally your choice (the workouts are no extra cost and come with your pack). You’ll have the option to CHOOSE the one you’ll enjoy most from HUNDREDS of workouts at any level that you’re at!
3. To continue the cleansing effects of our refresh, we’ll continue with 21 days of Superfood Shakeology to keep our bodies healing and energized through the most sunny and activity-packed days of the year. I have learned that it is so, so important to continue the cleansing process so that we don’t fall back into old habits and undo our results.
4. We will focus on CLEAN EATING through the month of June – meal plans, menu samples, recipes, videos from me and our TBB celebrity trainers, etc.
5. Group support ( you’ll find new friends – people in similar life stages and experiences as you, doing this with you) PLUS — your Free Coach (ME)!

READY? Hurry and grab your pack HERE.

See my personal results from using the 3 Day Refresh before!

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