#ShaunWeek is Coming!!  Are you IN?!

ShaunWeek is COMING!  Are you in??

Are you a huge Shaun T fan?

Truth be told… it was Insanity Max 30 that made me believe I could physically handle Turbo Kick (and now I am an instructor)!

 Shaun T is BACK in our screens with an all new program, and I’m on a mission to bring not only his new MOVES but also his insanely good MOTIVATION to as many people as I can in the weeks to come!    Because these moves are not “just a new workout.” They are the very moves that could propel you into the PLACE YOU WANT MOST TO BE!  Into new territory you previously thought impossible like I did!!!

Shaun T is a living legend in the fitness industry… and in just 12 days will be one HUGE WEEK EVENT for  2017…. WILL YOU BE IN IT WITH ME??

We begin #SHAUNWEEK on June 12 with Workout 1 of the new program, INSANE FOCUS. I want YOU to experience with me what Shaun T’s contagious motivation can do to transform YOUR life. I want YOU to grab your spot in my ShaunWeek SUMMER READY focus group and KNOW the difference of being supported DAILY by me as your coach AND the others who are in this transformational fitness SHAUN experience with you!

When you join our group, you’ll have exclusive access to ME – the the mama of 3 who grew her strength and ability from one modified move at a time- and now does tuck jumps ona  weekly basis!  Before shaun t I thought it would never be possible. The same strength and ability could be available to yoi for the taking!

I will share tips to help you stay consistent and get better week after week! No falling off!   Even more than that- you will get undying partnership and power to finish strong with me and our group –  our community of people just like YOU on a mission to make change happen in body, MIND, and health!!

ShaunWeek is 7 days of fitness and MOTIVATION – challenging you to change your life and transform your thinking as well as your health and body!! It is a LAUNCHING PLACE for you to START on FIRE, see amazing results happen, then be INSPIRED to continue on with your progress and reach your goals!

My group starts on June 12th and goes day by day LIVE on Beachbody On Demand. You will not be able to look ahead. Each workout is posted LIVE that morning. There is a great modifier so even if you don’t like being down on the floor you can modify with Shaun T and he gives you that option. These workouts are GIVING YOU the BEST of Shaun T, and all brand new – and NO DVDs REQUIRED!

In addition, I will provide you with a 7 day SHRED meal plan and DAILY motivation to get you through 7 days of FREE workouts with me, my group, my team, and Shaun T!

ShaunWeek event page image with Angel

How can you join?

1. You need to make me your coach. We will start on June 10th with the prep weekend and then we will start on June 12th with day 1 of workouts.

2. Fill out the application below AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE:

3. If you don’t already have a Beachbody On Demand account, create a FREE 14-day trial account on Beachbody on Demand All Access with me as your coach: https://www.teambeachbody.com/en_US/tbbsignup/-/tbbsignup/free?referringRepId=461134

4. Join my private group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/withAngel/  so you can get in ASAP and be ready for prep weekend starting June 10th + day 1 on June 12th!

5. Show up each day ready to participate!!

As a BONUS, if you participate in ShaunWeek and purchase the BOD All Access Challenge Pack, you’ll also gain access to my June 19th Challenge Group!

Check out more here https://www.facebook.com/events/141358649746594/?ti=cl

*Shakeology is NOT required to participate in ShaunWeek

By the end of ShaunWeek it will be officially SUMMER and YOU will be stronger, changed from the inside out!
June 12th we begin.  Absolutely need to claim your spot TODAY!!  (I will select from the first special 3 for a free gift)!!

There is never a perfect ideal comfortable time to begin. So why delay your beginning ??  Just START where you are and I will meet you there to help move you forward one step at a time.

TAKE my personal invitation.  BEGIN your future healthy self & life NOW.  No more hesitancy.  Do it afraid.  Do it in the face of your fears and be amazed and what you really can accomplish.
Let’s do THIS, mama!!!
Join my group now!  FILL IN THE FORM BELOW ➡️

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