5 Steps to Multiply (Increase) Your Fitness Results BY FAITH // plus join my free faith for fitness fb group

I recorded this video LIVE inside my FREE Faith for Fitness online community facebook group … The first few minutes are me talking about upcoming events and such with th egroup — so FAST FORWARD to minute 14:17 to start hearing my 5 Steps to Increase Fitness Results by FAITH – using the principle of Multiplication.

Would you like to join us? CLICK HERE to request to be added to my FAITH FOR FITNESS GROUP ON FACEBOOK and be sure to MESSAGE ME on facebook.com/angelballance so I know you are a real person wanting to get into the group 😉 !



Learn more here and use the contact form at the bottom to tell me about yourself and get more info about this group https://angelballance.com/online-challenge-groups

WAnna get more from my LIFE FIT FRIDAY FAVES emails every 2 weeks on Fridays?
Subscribe here to get them!!  http://mailchi.mp/02ea9efde5ae/new-life-fit-friday-faves-sign-up-to-get-em?e=%5BUNIQID%5D


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